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How to spin a bowling ball

How to spin a bowling ball

If you ask this question, you might want to take the next step and improve your bowling game. And it is a good thing - spinning a bowling ball is better than throwing it straight. If you're going to spin a bowling ball like a pro, you must master the proper grip and technique. Oh, and you need some practice and patience as well! Remember - it will pay off. Soon you will be striking out your friends at the bowling alley.

Now, there are a lot of variables that go into hooking the ball today. You can make a shot two-handed, one-handed, with or without a thumb.

No matter how you perform your shot, the key element to spin a bowling ball is keeping your hand under the ball when you throw.

To master this element, start near a foul line. This way, you will eliminate all the other steps in the approach, and it helps to focus primarily on the release. Now, make a swing and when your bowling ball approaches your ankle, slightly rotate your palm so it is on the side of the ball. If you do everything correctly, your thumb will exit the bowling ball first, and all the rotation will be created by your middle and ring fingers. Repeat the process several times, and observe the motion of a bowling ball.

You can make a nice spin with bowling balls you find at the bowling alley. But keep in mind that bowling balls you find at the bowling alley will never hook as much as professional bowling balls. We talked about the differences between bowling balls in our previous article, we highly recommend reading it as well. You also should consider getting a bowling ball of your own. We've picked the best ones to start with in our previous article.

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