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How to Clean a Bowling Ball: Bowling Ball Revivor

Detailed instructions on how to clean a bowling ball with a Bowling Ball Revivor

A bowling ball serves as your main tool in battling the pins, and it requires constant maintenance. Sometimes cleaning your bowling balls with a bowling ball cleaner is just not enough to extract all the oil from a bowling ball.

There are many ways to maintain your bowling balls, but if you like to keep your hands clean while giving your bowling ball a thorough cleaning, a personal bowling ball revivor machine is the ideal solution.

Investing in a bowling ball revivor is a smart way to maintain your bowling balls at home. For the cost of one new bowling ball, you can rejuvenate your old ones repeatedly.

In this article we will share our tips on maintaining your bowling balls at home using a bowling ball revivor. Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links.

Best Bowling Ball Cleaners

How does a bowling ball revivor work?

The bowling ball revivor machine employs heated air circulation to remove dirt and oil from your bowling balls in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to simply place your bowling ball into the machine, set the timer, and switch it on—the revivor takes care of the cleaning process for you.

What bowling ball revivor to use?

Pyramid Phoenix Bowling Ball Revivor

"Pyramid Phoenix" bowling ball revivor features time and temperature readouts, providing information on extraction time remaining and temperature, along with automatic shutoff to prevent overheating and unnecessary use.

The Pyramid Phoenix bowling ball revivor heats up to 150°-160° F (65°-70° C) to eliminate oil from the bowling ball. Thanks to the temperature control, the temperature of the bowling ball's surface does not exceed 130° F (55° C), ensuring that plasticizers in your bowling balls are not removed along with the excess oil.

Salmon Creek NuBall Bowling Ball Revivor

NuBall is another excellent bowling ball revivor that utilizes heated air circulation to gently warm bowling balls to an ideal temperature, extracting oil without harming their surface. The NuBall bowling ball revivor effectively draws lane oil from the pores to the surface, enhancing ball performance. What sets NuBall apart is its slow rotation of the bowling ball during the reviving process, ensuring even heating. Additionally, it is super easy to assemble, and the NuBall cup serves as a convenient reservoir, collecting excess oil for easy disposal and cleaning. You can also purchase replacement parts from the official website if needed. However, it's worth noting that NuBall operates on 110 volts, so a voltage converter of at least 500 watts is required if you have a 220-volt power socket (as we did).

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Bowling ball reviving process

Yeah, we told you that with the bowling ball revivor you will keep your hands clean, but to effectively remove the most oil from your valuable bowling balls, some manual effort will be required. Before placing your bowling ball into the bowling ball revivor, you have to do two things:

The bowling ball cleaner wipes away extra oil on the ball's surface, while a rougher grit helps open its pores, making it easier for trapped oil to come out.

How to use a bowling ball revivor?

  1. Place your bowling ball into the bowling ball revivor;

  2. Press the on/off button to start a heating cycle;

  3. Close the lid fully;

  4. Once the bowling ball revivor shuts itself off at the end of a cleaning cycle, open the lid, remove the bowling ball, spray bowling ball cleaner all around and wipe it with a bowling ball cleaner;

  5. Optional: if the bowling ball was used a lot, repeat the cleaning cycle again, but turn the bowling ball around when placing it in the bowling ball revivor.

How often should I use a bowling ball revivor?

While you should use a bowling ball cleaner before and after each bowling session, a bowling ball revivor should not be used as frequently. We recommend using the bowling ball revivor after the ball has been used for at least 30-40 games. A thorough bowling ball resurfacing with a revivor machine will make your reactive ball look and perform as if it were brand new again.


How to clean a bowling ball?

To clean a bowling ball at home, follow these steps:

Apply Bowling Ball Cleaner:

  • Spray a bowling ball cleaner on the ball's surface.

  • Allow it to sit for 10 seconds to dissolve dirt and oil. Wipe with a Microfiber Towel:

  • Use a microfiber towel to wipe the ball clean.

  • Ensure thorough cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and lane oil.

Regular cleaning with a bowling ball cleaner helps maintaining optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your bowling ball.

How often should I clean a bowling ball?

To maintain optimal performance, it's recommended to clean your bowling ball regularly, preferably after every bowling session. Regular cleaning helps remove accumulated dirt and oil, preserving the ball's condition and ensuring consistent gameplay.

What to clean a bowling ball with?

Clean your bowling ball with a specialized bowling ball cleaner. These cleaners are designed to dissolve lane oil and dirt, maintaining the ball's performance. Simply spray the cleaner on the ball's surface, wait for 10 seconds, and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel. Using an approved bowling ball cleaner ensures effective cleaning without damaging the ball.

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Can I clean a bowling ball with dish soap?

Using dish soap to clean a bowling ball is not recommended. Bowling balls require specialized, USBC-approved cleaners designed to dissolve lane oil and maintain their performance. Dish soap may not effectively remove the accumulated dirt and oil, and it could potentially damage the ball's surface. It's best to use a dedicated bowling ball cleaner for proper maintenance.

How to clean bowling ball finger holes?

Cleaning the finger holes of a bowling ball is an essential part of its maintenance. Best way to clean finger holes is to moisten the microfiber cloth with a specialized bowling ball cleaner and to gently wipe the interior of the finger holes with the damp cloth. Don't forget to allow the finger holes to air dry completely before bowling.

What is the best towel to clean a bowling ball with?

Microfiber towels are great at absorbing oil and dirt from the ball's surface. However, for the utmost cleaning performance, opting for a specialized bowling ball shammy is the ideal choice.

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