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Best bowling ball for hook

Best bowling ball for hook

We've already discovered that hooking a bowling ball is better than throwing it straight. This article will discuss the best bowling balls for hook you can buy.

First things first - high-performance bowling balls are very different from the ones we are used to at bowling centers. House balls are designed to last for a long time, while high-performance balls have to have the best possible reaction on the lane.

BowlingLife Top Picks



Most controllable


900 Global ZEN

Most powerful hook


You should know that the most aggressive bowling balls would not necessarily hook the most.

Aggressive bowling balls (usually those with mate coverstock) are designed to absorb the oil to create early motion on oily bowling lanes. Aggressive bowling balls are more controllable, and their motion on the lane is less angular as they start to hook earlier.

Less aggressive bowling balls, on the other hand, create a more sharp and more aggressive reaction. Usually polished, they have less grip in the oil, so it saves all their potential energy for the dry zone at the end of the lane.

Enough of the theory. What is the best bowling ball for hook? To answer this question, you should know what kind of ball motion you desire. Slightly earlier, more controllable, or the one who jumps from the edge of the lane straight to the pins. Don't worry - we got you covered. We've picked probably the best bowling balls to hook from both categories.


More controllable hook

BEST OVERALL PICK: Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball

Probably the best bowling ball you can buy for many oil conditions. It has crazy hook potential, but it s controllable at the same time. The duo of asymmetrical core and 'NeX Solid Reactive' coverstock creates the perfect combination of controllability and decent backend motion to carry down the pins. You simply can't miss with this ball!


One of the best bowling balls ever made. Although released in 2016, it is still manufactured by 'Storm' due to its versatility and predictable strong motion on any lane conditions. It is a benchmark ball for many professional bowling players for a reason - it just makes everyone a better player. If it is still not in your bowling bag, you are missing out.


Equipped with 'The NeX Solid Reactive' coverstock and 'Ignition Core', 'Storm Super Nova' offers a massive hook through heavier oil. It explodes the pins with massive pin action every time. Super Nova could be your best partner in crime when experiencing tougher lane conditions.


More angular hook


A massive turn at the end of the lane makes this bowling ball one of the best pearl balls we have ever thrown. The 'S77 Response Pearl Cover' provides the strongest reaction, and 'The Meditate Core' increases hitting power combined with a more consistent shape on the lanes. If you are looking for a bowling ball that makes the best angular motion - this is the one!

ALMOST AS GOOD AS 'ZEN': 900 Global Altered Reality

Get ready for massive pin action! Released at the end of 2021, Altered Reality features the same 'The Disturbance Asymmetric Core' found in the original 'Reality' but is now wrapped in the 'S84' cover, which allows this ball to make pins explode into the back of the pit. No matter what line you want to play, Altered Reality gives you confidence and goes through the pocket every time. With all being said, 900 Global created a truly unique and never before seen reaction offering a broader spectrum of use on medium to heavy oil conditions.


The 'RAD4 Core' gives you more entry angle than traditional asymmetrical cores and the latest innovation of Storm lab - 'ReX' coverstock - offers earlier midlane reaction. The synergy of the core and new coverstock created the perfect combination of more control without losing any carrying power through the pins. This amazing bowling ball would be a great addition to anyone’s arsenal.

Finally, once you find a bowling ball that suits your needs, it is time to train as hard as you can to master your technique and get the maximum out of your bowling ball. Do not forget, to unleash your full potential, bowling shoes are just as important. Check out the best bowling shoes for beginners here.

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