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Robin Ilhammar Wins Kegel Aalborg International Bowling Tournament

Winners of the Kegel Aalborg International bowling tournament 2024
Picture source: Kegel Aalborg International

For the second consecutive year, a Swedish bowler has triumphed at the European Tour event in Aalborg, as Robin Ilhammar claimed victory in the Kegel Aalborg International by defeating Norway's Mathias Danielsen Otting in the final.

Ilhammar's journey to the title included a ninth-place finish in the qualifiers, which allowed him to advance directly to the second final stage. He then progressed to the third final stage by finishing third in his pool. Alongside fellow Swedes Carl Eklund, Alexander Tigerstrand, and Emanuel Jonsson, Ilhammar competed in a series of six games in the third stage, ultimately securing a place in the final.

In the championship match, Ilhammar faced off against Norway's Mathias Danielsen Otting and delivered an impressive performance, winning 237-222.

In the final for third place Germany's Paul Purps defeated Alexander Tigerstrand with a score of 197-163.

Kegel Aalborg International is a gold-tier event, the second highest category on the European Tour.

Kegel Aalborg International Top 3 Results:

  1. Robin Ilhammar, Sweden | 10.000 euro

  2. Mathias Danielsen Otting, Norway | 7000 euro

  3. Paul Purps, Germany | 4500 euro

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