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Robin Ilhammar triumphs as champion at Valcke Bronzen Shietspoel Tournament

Robin Ilhammar, Kin Bolleby, Mike Bergmann ja Victor Gundersen
Picture Source: Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament

Sweden's two-handed bowler, Robin Ilhammar, emerged as the champion at the Valcke Bronzen Shietspoel Tournament.

A total of 199 players participated in the event, competing in a six-game qualification for 40 spots in the final rounds.

The final round showcased a thrilling competition among four players, engaging in a two-game battle.

Despite a strong effort from Sweden's Kim Bolleby to narrow the gap during the second game of the series, he was unable to catch up with Ilhammar.

Sweden's rising bowling star showcased his talent by achieving an impressive total score of 502, securing his first EBT title.

Kim Bolleby of Sweden finished with a final score of 458, followed by Mike Bergmann of the Netherlands with 424 and Victor Gundersen of Denmark with 368.

The next destination on the European tour will be San Marino, hosting the San Marino Open and the 2022 EBT Masters.

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