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Finland Invites Bowlers to the 2nd No Urethane Open

Updated: Jan 19

2nd No Urethane Open bowling tournament in Finland 2024 April

Following Jesse Kallio's impressive victory over his compatriot Niko Oksanen, sealing the deal with a score of 222-212 at the Ballmaster Open 2024 finals, the bowling players in Finland are now buzzing in anticipation of the upcoming 2nd No Urethane Open.

The event's name speaks for itself - the initial shot of each frame must be made with a reactive bowling ball.

Scheduled to take place in Lahti, Finland, from April 15 to 28, 2024, this tournament promises thrilling competition and lucrative rewards.

A substantial prize pool of 34,400 € awaits participants, with the champion securing an impressive 6,000 €. Forty bowling athletes will qualify for the final steps, with a guaranteed prize pot share, each receiving at least 400 €.

Don't let this chance slip by - registration is currently underway! More information can be found on 2nd No Urethane Open rulebook.

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