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Finnish Triumph: Jesse Kallio Wins 54th Brunswick Ballmaster Open

International Bowling Federation

Finland's Jesse Kallio claimed victory at the 54th Brunswick Ballmaster Open, defeating his compatriot Niko Oksanen 222-212.

This marked the first all-Finnish final since 2006, adding an extra layer of personal significance to Kallio's achievement.

In the Brunswick Ballmaster Open final, 29-year-old Jesse Kallio, demonstrated exceptional skill by taking control early on with four consecutive strikes, securing a clear lead and holding off challenges from Oksanen. Final Step 2 leader managed to line up again and made a four-bagger in the final two frames, but it was slightly too late - Jesse Kallio's count in the tenth frame was enough to claim a trophy and a 10.000 euro prize cheque.

The semifinals featured intense battles too, with Kallio facing Luukas Väänänen, who came second in the AIK International EBT tournament at the beginning of the year, in a closely contested match, ultimately winning by mere four pins - 218-214. Niko Oksanen defeated Swede James Blomgren 204-181.

The Brunswick Ballmaster Open, hosted at Helsinki's Tali bowling alley, stands as one of the most prominent bowling tournaments in Europe. This year, a total of 508 bowling athletes participated in the event. Complete results can be found here.

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