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Best Bowling Shoes for Beginners

Best Bowling Shoes for Beginners

Let's talk about something often overlooked on the lanes – bowling shoes! Any experienced bowling coach will share a golden piece of advice: start with a good pair of bowling shoes before diving into the world of bowling balls. Why do you need bowling shoes? Because these shoes aren't just about style – they're your key to a steady throw, better balance, and injury prevention. So, for those stepping into the exciting field of bowling, we've handpicked the best affordable bowling shoes form men and women to get you started on the right foot! Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links.

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Best Beginner Bowling Shoes for Men

DEXTER RICKY IV bowling shoes



Best Beginner Bowling Shoes for Women


PRO TIP: as a foot swell over time, choose a slightly larger shoe size for perfect fit.

Best beginner bowling shoes for men

#1 Dexter Ricky IV

Dexter Ricky IV bowling shoes

The Dexter Ricky IV is some of the most famous bowing shoes for beginners in bowling for a reason. The balance between price and performance is almost unbeatable. Dexter Ricky IV Men's bowing shoes covers it all - solid workmanship, comfort, and style! You can do little wrong by choosing Dexter Ricky IV bowling shoes. That is why it's probably the best entry-level bowling shoes for men you can get.

#2 3G Men's Tour Ultra/C

3G Men's Tour Ultra/C bowling shoes

This shoe delivers an excellent grip, an unmatched fit, and a comfortable feel. Comes in with interchangeable hells and soles for best slide, this pair of men's bowling shoes meet the highest quality standards as 3G is one of the best bowling shoe manufacturers in the world. The moment you put them on, you'll feel the difference. That is why many best players of bowling choose 3G footwear. You can be one of them - conquer the lanes with 3G men's bowling shoes!

#3 KR Strikeforce Flyer Mesh

KR Strikeforce Flyer Mesh bowling shoes

A great option for your first pair of bowling shoes! With their lightweight design and breathability, they offer exceptional comfort and smooth sliding on the bowling lane. These men's bowling shoes surpass traditional house shoes by a significant margin, and the best part is, they come at an affordable price.

#4 Dexter DexLite Pro BOA

Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes

These bowling shoes are exceptionally comfortable and lightweight for any level bowler. The BOA system helps to tighten and loosen them swiftly when needed, and the interchangeable sole allows you to adjust your footwork in every condition. Dexter DexLite Pro BOA is probably the best pair of bowling shoes you can get for under 150 dollars.

#5 Brunswick Renegade

Brunswick Renegade bowling shoes

Step into comfort and style with Brunswick Renegade bowling shoes. The sporty synthetic upper, paired with the extra-light molded EVA outsole and foam-padded collar and tongue, ensures a perfect fit. It features microfiber slide soles on both sides for a consistent and dependable slide. These bowling shoes come with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty, so bowl with confidence and ease.


Best beginner bowling shoes for women

#1 KR Strikeforce The Maui

KR Strikeforce The Maui bowling shoes

Introducing the KR Strikeforce Maui Women's bowling shoes, offering high-performance features. Equipped with the KR FreeLock Dial Lacing System for a secure fit, it boasts a microfiber upper with a TPU molded heel stabilizer for added stability. The Ortholite® High Rebound molded insoles provide prolonged comfort, while the TPU outsole ensures flexibility. Available in various sizes and configurations.

#2 Dexter Women's Classic

Dexter Women's Classic bowling shoes

Introducing Dexter Women's Classic Bowling Shoes, a standout choice from Dexter's Comfort Casuals collection. These bowling shoes for women bring a stylish touch to the classic design, featuring cool colors and patterns for a unique look. The light and airy construction not only ensures a comfortable fit but also adds a fashionable twist to your bowling style. With a fabric lining, padded collar, and side vents for breathability, these shoes prioritize both comfort and style. Step onto the lanes with comfort for enjoyable bowling experience.

#3 Dexter DexLite Pro BOA

Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes

Dexter DexLite Pro BOA Women's bowling shoes offer exceptional comfort and lightness, suitable for bowlers of all skill levels. The BOA system facilitates quick adjustments, while the interchangeable sole allows you to customize your footwork in various conditions. Considered among the finest options, Dexter DexLite Pro BOA is an excellent choice for your first pair of bowling shoes.

#4 Brunswick Axis

Brunswick Axis bowling shoes

Introducing Brunswick Axis – a stylish and athletic bowling shoes for women! Crafted with a breathable mesh upper for a sporty look, it features a knit-lined padded collar and tongue for added comfort. The lightweight rubber outsole ensures easy movement, and with pure slide microfiber soles on both sides, you'll experience a superior slide right from the start. Great option to change nasty house bowling shoes with your own pair!

#5 Pyramid Seamless Lite

Pyramid Seamless Lite bowling shoes

Meet the Pyramid Women's Seamless Lite Bowling Shoes – a creation from the industry leader, Pyramid Bowling. Their commitment to providing top-notch quality and performance at an affordable price shines through in these stylish and comfortable bowling shoes for women. We just can't get enough of their lightweight design and perfect sizing, not to mention the eye-catching purple color.

We trust that this bowling shoe review has assisted you in finding the perfect pair to meet your needs. And while you're at it, be sure to take a look at essential bowling accessories for a complete upgrade to your bowling gear!

How to choose the right bowling shoes for you?

Bowling shoes are a top-notch product crafted for serious bowling enthusiasts. It's crucial for every bowler to kick off their bowling gear collection with high-quality and long-lasting bowling shoes. When picking the right pair, it's essential to understand your needs and how often you plan to hit the bowling alley. If you're aiming for a casual bowling night once or twice a month with friends or family, you might not need high-performance shoes. There's a range of beginner-friendly and occasional bowler shoes to choose from.

However, if you're a dedicated bowler, frequently engaging in practices, league games, and tournaments, high-performance bowling shoes with interchangeable soles and heels are your ideal choice. They offer greater durability, enhanced comfort, and, most importantly, can be customized to suit your specific game conditions.

How do we choose the best bowling shoes?

To assist our readers in making well-informed decisions when selecting bowling shoes, BowlingLife relies on thorough testing for all our recommendations. We firmly believe that an unbiased opinion about each bowling shoe pair can only be formulated after our team has personally tried it out.

We strive for our bowling shoe reviews to find a middle ground between being casual and informative. We constantly update the links in the article so you can find reviewed bowling shoes easily. Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links. It's crucial to emphasize that, regardless of the review's tone, it is still a subjective opinion. Just because we found certain bowling shoes comfortable doesn't necessarily mean it will fit you perfect as well. Nevertheless, rest assured that our reviews are carried out with fairness, consistency, objectivity, and honesty, guided by bowlers for bowlers.


Why do you have to wear bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes are designed with specific features crucial for the sport. The unique sole material provides the right balance of traction and slip needed for the approach and delivery. Wearing bowling shoes protects the delicate lane surface, ensures a consistent approach, and maintains hygiene in the bowling environment.

What makes bowling shoes different?

Bowling shoes differ from regular footwear in their design and functionality. They feature specialized soles tailored for the approach and slide on the bowling lane. The distinction lies in the sole's composition, with some shoes having interchangeable pads to accommodate various lane conditions. Additionally, bowling shoes are designed not to leave marks on the lane, preserving its surface. These unique features make them essential for maintaining balance, executing precise movements, and ensuring a smooth approach during each throw and keeping bowling alleys clean.

Where to buy bowling shoes?

You can purchase bowling shoes from popular online retailers like Amazon or visit a specialized bowling pro shop near you, often found within bowling alleys, where they offer a wide selection of bowling shoes for men, women, and kids. Consider factors like size and sole type (interchangeable or solid) when making your purchase.

How much are bowling shoes?

The cost of bowling shoes varies based on factors like brand, design, and features. Entry-level shoes for occasional bowlers can start around $50. Mid-range options with additional features or popular brand names may range from $50 to $100. High-performance or professional-level shoes can cost $150 or more. Consider your bowling frequency and specific needs when choosing the right pair for your budget. We always encourage to choose bowling shoes with interchangeable soles.

What do they spray in bowling shoes?

Bowling alleys utilize a shoe disinfectant spray to uphold cleanliness and hygiene standards. Typically containing a sanitizing solution or disinfectant, this spray serves to eliminate bacteria and fungi, preventing the potential spread of infections. The primary goal is to ensure that each bowler wears freshly disinfected shoes, contributing to a clean and safe bowling environment.

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