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Best bowling shoes for beginners

Bowling Alley Bowling Shoes

Shoes are one of the most underrated components of bowling gear. But every bowling coach will tell you - get yourself a good pair of bowling shoes first and then think about purchasing a bowling ball. A good pair of shoes helps maintain a steady throw, balance and prevent injuries. We selected the best affordable bowling shoes you can get for your first touches of the sport of bowling.

PRO TIP: as a foot swell over time, choose a slightly larger shoe size for perfect fit.

#1 Dexter Ricky IV

The Dexter Ricky IV is one of the most famous shoes for beginners in bowling for a reason. The balance between price and performance is almost unbeatable. It covers it all - solid workmanship, comfort, excellent for both left and right-handers, and it even comes in different colors! You can do little wrong by choosing Dexter Ricky IV. That is why it's probably the best entry-level bowling shoe you can get.

#2 3G Cruze

3G Cruze delivers a good grip, a pleasing fit, and a comfortable feel. This pair of shoes meet the highest quality standards as 3G is one of the best bowling shoe manufacturers in the world. Many best players of bowling choose 3G footwear. You can be one of them - conquer the lanes with 3G Cruze!

#3 Pro Bowl Bonega

Pro Bowl Bonega is an example of a classic bowling shoe. Its synthetic outer and inner materials ensure durability, and it has microfibre soles on both sides, making this shoe suitable for left and right-handed players. Great alternative to the rental shoes on the bowling alley for entry-level bowlers.

#4 Aloha HexaGo

Aloha HexaGo is another excellent choice for beginners. It is light compared to its rivals, making this shoe very comfortable and indispensable during long bowling games. This shoe is suitable for both left and right-handed players and comes in all different colors, which is very important for those who pay attention to the design.

#5 Bowlio Nero

Bowlio has made its reputation among bowling players due to its high-quality products for an affordable price. Bowlio Nero is made of black leather with a leather sole sewn directly to the shoe. It ensures a long service life and optimal comfort. Bowlio Nero is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users thanks to the leather sliding outsole under both shoes.

All you need now is good bowling ball!

We've picked the best bowling balls in the market HERE!

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