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Best Bowling Bags: Stylish and Practical Picks for 2024

Updated: Mar 4

Best Bowling Bags

Whether you're an experienced bowling player or just starting, selecting the right bowling ball bag is crucial. It has to be sturdy to keep your bowling balls safe during travel, to have room for your bowling shoes and bowling accessories, and, last but not least, be comfortable.

Whether you're in search of an all-in-one solution to keep your bowling equipment organised, a bag suitable for flying with your bowling balls, or simply a bowling ball backpack, this review is tailor-made for you! Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links.

Top 5 BowlingLife bowling bag picks

Don't feel like reading the full review? Check out our top 5 picks for the best bowling bags to buy in 2024.

Storm Tournament 3 Ball Bag - best 3 ball bowling bag for travel

Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller Bag - best overall 3 ball bowling bag in 2024

Brunswick Blitz Triple Roller - best warranty deal for a 3 ball bowling bag

GoHimal Double Roller 2 Ball Bag - best overall 2 ball bowling bag

Bowling Backpack - best budget bowling ball bag

Best Bowling Balls in 2024

How do we choose the best bowling bag?

To guide our readers in making informed choices when it comes to selecting bowling bags, BowlingLife follows a comprehensive testing process for all our recommendations. We firmly believe that an unbiased assessment of each bag can only be made after our team has hands-on experience with it.

Our approach to bag reviews is crafted to strike a balance between being approachable and informative. We consistently update the links in our articles, ensuring easy access to the reviewed bowling bags. Please be aware that some links provided may be affiliate links. It's crucial to highlight that, regardless of the tone of the review, our opinions remain subjective. What works exceptionally well for us might not guarantee the same level of satisfaction for every bowler. Nevertheless, our reviews are conducted with integrity, fairness, objectivity, and honesty, driven by bowlers for bowlers.

Best 3 Ball Bowling Bags

1. Storm Tournament 3 Ball Tournament Travel Tote

Storm Tournament 3 Ball Tournament Travel Tote

Some editors of 'BowlingLife' have had this Storm 3 ball bowling bag for a few years now, and they had nothing but positive things to say about this 'Storm' bowling bag. The most important property is its quality and durability - even long years of pulling it on snow and dirty concrete had no harm to the bag or the precious bowling balls in it. It is light (just over 5lbs/2 kilograms), which is essential for carrying longer distances and in case you need to fly with your bowling balls. Although there is no room for shoes or much else in this Storm 3 ball bowling bag, keeping in mind its price and quality, it is the best 3 ball bowling bag for travel you can get on Amazon right now.

2. Storm Streamline 3 Ball Bowling Bag With Wheels

Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

If you need a space for your bowling shoes and other bowling acessories - 'Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag' would be a smart choice. It has everything you would ever need - a safe space for three bowling balls, a huge additional shoe bag where even a pair of mens size 17 shoes would fit in, and spacious pockets to put all of your bowling accessories. Although this 3 ball bowling bag is quite heavy (weights over 10 1/2 lbs (‎4.76 kilograms), it is equipped with big wheels for stability and a quiet ride on any surface. It even has a plastic handle with two different length settings for your comfort. There is literally nothing else to wish for from a 3 ball bowling bag.

3. Brunswick Blitz Triple Roller | 3 Ball Bowling Bag With Wheels

Brunswick Blitz Triple Roller

A little lighter but less spacious than the Storm Streamline 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag'. Still, it fits three bowling balls, a pair of bowling shoes, and some bowling accessories you must have. 'Brunswick Blitz Triple Roller' 3 ball bowling bag has molded plastic bottom to hold balls securely, big wheels for sturdy and smooth rolling, and a plastic handle for an extra comfort. Its smooth design allows it to fit nicely in any car, two different color design choices will meet your style, and did we forget to mention the 5-year limited warranty? It makes this Brunswick bowling bag worth the money.

4. Vise Clear Top 3 Ball Bowling Bag With Wheels

Vise Clear Top 3 Ball Roller Bowling Bag

The biggest advantage of this 3 ball bowling bag is that it comes in different bright colors, so you'll never lose it out of your sight. Although rubber wheels are pretty small and can be insufficient on the bumpier surface, the price of this bag is just spectacular.

5. Elite Basic Triple Roller Bowling Bag

Elite Basic Triple Roller Bowling Bag

Available in four different color designs and a price that's tough to beat. This bowling bag is a game-changer, loved by our team of tester. This bowling bag securely holds three bowling balls with additional restraining straps, offers spacious room for two pairs of men's size 15 shoes, and includes a pocket for all your bowling accessories. With 5" wheels and a retractable handle, it glides smoothly, and its durable and stylish nylon construction ensures longevity. A serious bowling bag for a serious bowling player.

Best 2 Ball Bowling Bags

GoHimal Double Roller 2 Ball Bowling Bag With Wheels

GoHimal Double Roller 2 Ball Bowling Bag

The ideal choice for bowling players seeking a convenient 2 ball bowling bag that can safely carry all the bowling essentials. This 2 ball bowling bag with wheels not only features a secure and spacious main compartment for two bowling balls, but also a zippered top compartment for bowling shoes up to men's size 15. The side pocket and middle belt bag offer ample space for your bowling accessories, keeping everything neatly organized. The collapsible handle makes storage and movement a breeze, while sturdy wheels ensure easy movement and stability on any surface. An ideal 2 ball bowling bag for any level bowling player!

Storm 2 Ball Bowling Bag

Storm 2 Ball Bowling Bag

Priced competitively, the Storm 2 ball bowling bag delivers exceptional value with its features. Its compact size makes it an ideal fit for standard bowling alley lockers, emerging as an excellent choice for travelers transporting bowling balls while optimizing space and weight. The adjustable strap length adds convenience, preventing it from hanging too low and interfering with your stride or adding unnecessary weight on your shoulder. While it might not accommodate all your bowling accessories, this 2 ball bowling bag remains a fantastic solution for carrying two bowling balls, combining style, comfort, and practicality at an affordable price.

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Bowling backpack

Bowling backpack

We fell in love with this one instantly! It looks sharp and is perfect for carrying one bowling ball, with a separate shoe compartment large enough for men's size 16 shoes and all your bowling accessories. It even has a side pocket for your beverage! Sturdy stitching and smooth zippers ensure durability, while padded shoulder rails and adjustable chest straps add extra comfort. A great product to carry your bowling gear, leaving your hands free to drag bowling totes behind or hold hands with your loved one. If you think about it, you could have this bowling backpack by simply enjoying your coffee at home 8 times instead of going to Starbucks.

We hope this bowling bag review helped you to find the perfect bowling bag to meet your needs. And while you're at it, be sure to explore the latest releases of top-notch bowling balls!


What is a bowling bag?

A bowling bag is a specialized bag designed to carry and transport bowling equipment, primarily bowling balls. These bags are crafted with features that ensure the safety and organization of bowling essentials. Bowling bags come in various styles, including tote bags, roller bags, and backpacks, each serving different purposes. They typically have compartments or pockets for holding multiple bowling balls, as well as additional space for bowling shoes, accessories, and personal items. The design and features of a bowling bag make it convenient for bowlers to transport their gear to and from the bowling alley.

Where can i buy a bowling ball bag?

You can purchase a bowling ball bag from various online retailers, including Amazon, or visit specialized bowling pro shops typically located within bowling alleys. These shops offer a wide selection of bowling ball bags, catering to different needs and preferences. When making a purchase, consider factors like bag size, capacity, and additional features to ensure it meets your specific requirements.

What is the most expensive bowling bag on Amazon?

The most expensive bowling bag available on Amazon is the Chanel bowling bag. While many bowling bags are designed for practicality and functionality, the Chanel bowling bag stands out as a high-end fashion accessory, combining elegance with the sport's utility. Despite not being the most practical choice for transporting your bowling gear, it would undoubtedly serve as an attention-grabbing accessory in the bowling alley.

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