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5 Must have bowling accessories

Bowling accessories

Ridiculous how many small things a regular bowler has. Scissors, little screwdriver, pen, skin patch, towel - it's just a tiny part of countless findings. But there are 5 things we consider as a must in your bowling bag.

#1 Bowling Tape

Bowling tape is essential for every thumb-using bowler. With continual swelling and shrinking of our hands, a once-perfect fit no longer feels so great. Bowling tape is a real savior at moments like that. When your thumbhole feels too large, you can make it smaller by placing some tape inside of it. You can take out the pieces if it feels too tight until your thumb can fit just right. In addition, you may quickly and easily apply and remove tape between frames, so you never have to be concerned about dropping or grabbing your ball at the release. It comes in various sizes and textures to satisfy every bowler's needs.

#2 Shammy

A proper shammy is the one bowling accessory any bowler can't live without. Shammy removes the oil and debris from the bowling ball much better than a bowling towel. It brings back the tacky feel to any ball and is washable too! Don't forget, clean ball - clean game!

#3 Bowling Ball Cleaner

Once you have a shammy for your bowling ball's surface care, take a step further and pick a bottle of cleaner for deeper ball maintenance. Every bowler must clean their precious bowling balls with a proper cleaner after every 3-5 games.

#4 Bowling Shoe Brush

Unwanted slips and stops on a bowling lane can be very irritating and even cause injury. A durable brass wire shoe brush keeps your sliding sole fresh and clean from all the dust and debris found on and off the bowling lane. Every bowler must have one in their bags.

#5 Shoe Covers

Covers are an excellent product for bowling shoe protection. As bowling shoes are expensive, every bowler wants to shield them from debris when not down on the lanes. There is no greater bust than stepping into something soggy ant the restroom with your bowling shoes on. Good pair of shoe covers protect from all of that. They are made of high-quality vinyl construction and are waterproof. In addition, they are very stylish.

All you need now is good bowling ball!

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