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Best Bowling Ball Cleaners Review

Best Bowling Ball Cleaners Review

Cleaning bowling balls regularly with a proper bowling ball cleaner is the number-one ball maintenance routine for every bowler. Bowling ball cleaner not only does increase your chances to strike, but it also prolongs your bowling ball's life span. You don't want to throw away the precious bowling ball that cost you a fortune just because you didn't maintain it well, do you?

Why do I need to use a bowling ball cleaner?

Bowling balls accumulate dirt and oil from the lane itself and its machines, which reduces the ball's overall performance. That is why cleaning your bowling ball with a cleaner before and after the game is essential to keep your performance and scores in tip-top shape.

What is the best bowling ball cleaner?

After extensive market research and hands-on testing, we've compiled a list of the top 5 bowling ball cleaners that promise to keep your bowling balls performing at their peak every time. Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links. All the bowling ball cleaners we reviewed in this article are USBC approved, giving you enough confidence in these products.

#1 Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner

Tac Up bowling ball cleaner

Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner, with its robust bio-degradable formula, restores the natural tackiness to the bowling ball surface. Simply spray Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner onto the bowling ball surface, wait for 10 seconds, and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel. Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner was created by MSCC, which specifies in manufacturing degreasers, car soaps and other specialty products, so they really know the mix for a good product. That is why Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner is not only approved by the USBC but also considered one of the best bowling ball cleaners out there, specially crafted for bowling enthusiasts like you!

#2 Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner

Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner

A specially formulated Lane Ghost Bowling Ball Cleaner effortlessly removes oil buildup, dirt, and marks, restoring the natural tackiness of the bowling ball for a consistent and perfect hook every time. The creators of this bowling ball cleaner are bowlers themselves, and they have conducted rigorous testing and reformulation to ensure it stands out as the top-performing cleaner in the market. This bowling ball cleaner is suitable for every bowling ball coverstock, whether you're throwing a plastic spare ball or a high-performance reactive resin ball.

#3 Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner

Storm Reacta Foam Bowling Ball Cleaner

Another great and innovative product from 'Storm'. Unlike any other product on a list, this Storm bowling ball cleaner comes in a foamy substance, meaning you will get the best cleaning experience without spraying it all out in a week or two. It brings back the tacky feeling of a ball with a fine gloss on its surface. The product is fantastic, just make sure the lid on a bottle is on tight - it leaked out in one of our tester's bowling bags.

#4 That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner

Creating the Difference That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner

That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner is one of our favorite bowling ball cleaners on the market. Gets all the dirt and oil off and makes the coverstock nice and tacky. Research & development team of Creating the Difference did an amazing job with this product, which goes deep into the pores of a bowling ball for that deep cleaning, but without changing bowling ball’s surface. It is simply one of the best bowling ball cleaners. You can't miss choosing this one.

#5 KR Strikeforce Clean&Hook Bowling Ball Cleaner

KR Strikeforce Clean&Hook Bowling Ball Cleaner

'KR Strikeforce' is a company comprised of passionate bowlers dedicated to helping others enjoy the sport. We decided to test the 'Clean&Hook' bowling ball cleaner since it differed from other options on the list by not being a spray cleaner. 'Clean&Hook' is a slower-drying gel designed for deep cleaning. Our test team found that this bowling ball cleaner performed exceptionally well on balls with more surface, effectively absorbing a significant amount of oil from the deeper layers of the bowling ball surface. Although it was a bit challenging to gauge the right amount of cleaner compared to sprays, with more experience, this gel cleaner proves to be highly effective.

In conclusion, maintaining your bowling balls with a quality cleaner is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Regular cleaning not only enhances your chances of striking but also ensures a prolonged lifespan for your valuable bowling investment in bowling balls.

Don't forget that your precious bowling balls sometimes need a deep cleaning procedure. You can do it at home by using a bucket full of warm water and a few drops of degreaser, or you can purchase a personal bowling ball reviver machine and enjoy renewed bowling balls with the push of a button.

The bowling ball revivor machine

The bowling ball revivor machine employs heated air circulation to remove dirt and oil from your bowling balls in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is to place your bowling ball into the machine, set the timer, and switch it on—the revivor takes care of the cleaning process for you. While there are many options available, we recommend the "Pyramid Phoenix" model. It features time and temperature readouts, along with automatic shutoff to prevent overheating and unnecessary use.


How to make a homemade bowling ball cleaner?

Bowling balls are both costly and high-performance sports tools, which must be maintained properly. We highly recommend using approved bowling ball cleaners to extend the lifespan of your bowling ball and ensure optimal lane reaction.

When to use a bowling ball cleaner?

We recommend using a bowling ball cleaner before and after each practice or tournament to achieve optimal ball reaction each time. Keep in mind that certain tournaments may prohibit the use of a bowling ball cleaner during the game, so be sure to thoroughly review the tournament regulations beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

How to clean a bowling ball without a bowling ball cleaner?

Nowadays there are tons of different products to keep your bowling balls clean. If you are tired of using bowling ball cleaner spray, we recommend using Storm Reacta Wipe Ball Cleaner Wipes.