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2023 WBC: Singapore and Korea bags gold in Doubles event

Daphne Tan and Cherie Tan from Singapore Bowling Federation
World Bowling Championships Doubles champions | Credit: Singapore Bowling Federation

Singapore and South Korea dominated the Doubles event, securing the silver and gold medals at the 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships in Kuwait.

Singapore claimed both silver and gold in the Women's Doubles, while South Korea clinched two top-tier medals in the Men's Doubles.

This marked the second victory for Singapore, with Darren Ong earning gold in the Singles category on Monday.

In the women's semifinals, siblings Daphne Tan and Cherie Tan triumphed over their opponents from Denmark, Mika Glud Guldbaek and Mai Ginge Jensen, with a 2-0 victory (218-205, 193-166). Meanwhile, their fellow Singaporean competitors, Culleen Pee and New Hui Fen, also secured a 2-0 win against the Team Philippines pair, Grace Gella and Krizziah Macatula (236-149, 250-182). These victories set the stage for an all-Singaporean final, where Daphne Tan and Cherie Tan delivered a superior performance, clinching the gold medal in the Doubles category with a 2-0 win (226-199, 218-192).

Doubles Gold medal - Daphne Tan & Cherie Tan (Singapore)
Doubles Silver medal - Culleen Pee & New Hui Fen (Singapore)
Doubles Bronze medals - Mika Glud Guldbaek & Mai Ginge Jensen (Denmark), Grace Gella & Krizziah Macatula (Philipines)

In the men's semifinals, South Korea replicated Team Singapore's success, with both pairs securing spots in the Doubles finals.

Won Jong Hyeok and Oh Byung Jun emerged victorious against Singapore's Darren Ong and Muhd Jaris Goh with a score of 2-0 (237-205, 222-194), while their compatriots Kim Kyung Min and Kim Dong Hyeon overcame Malaysia's Muhd Syafiq Ridhwan and Ahmad Muaz with a score of 2-0 (233-222, 238-207).

In the championship match, Kim Kyung Min and Kim Dong Hyeon outperformed Won Jong Hyeok and Oh Byung Jun, securing a 2-0 victory (244-235, 201-176), and earning the gold medal in the Doubles category.

Doubles Gold medal - Kim Kyung Min & Kim Dong Hyeon (South Korea)
Doubles Silver medal - Won Jong Hyeok & Oh Byung Jun (South Korea)
Doubles Bronze medals - Muhd Syafiq Ridhwan & Ahmad Muaz (Malaysia), Darren Ong & Muhd Jaris Goh (Singapore)

The 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships will resume today with the Trios event.

In the city of Kuwait, a total of 138 men and 72 women representing twenty-three countries have come together for the 2023 IBF World Bowling Championships.

This year, the World Championships have been opened to all IBF Member Federations for participation. This decision was made in response to the lack of attendance from qualified countries, as many top-tier member federations decided to opt-out, citing issues with the International Bowling Federation (IBF).

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