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SLLM bowling ball took a tour around Helsingborg

Storm Lucky Larsen Masters in Helsingborg
Storm Lucky Larsen Masters in Helsingborg

This year, the city of Helsingborg, commonly referred to as a coastal gem of Sweden, is hosting the sole international Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) tour event, the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters.

Almost 400 player field, including dozens of full-time PBA Tour players such as Anthony Simonsen, Kyle Troup and Chris Barnes, are currently vying for another PBA Tour title at the Olympia Bowling venue from September 1st to September 10th.

The city, founded back in the 11th century, is a perfect spot for sporting events. While wandering the picturesque streets of the city's old town, you'll always come across a couple of sports activities, ranging from open yoga and fitness classes in the park to gymnastics practices near the Helsingborg sports arena.

Storm Lucky Larsen Masters, together with BowlingLife, couldn't miss an opportunity to explore a beautiful Swedish Riviera with a brand-new special edition bowling ball in hands, created in partnership with Storm Bowling exclusively for the event.

Visit and don't miss your chance to order a Storm Lucky Larsen Masters special edition bowling ball for yourself!

Here's a little insider - it's a fresh, exclusive release of the Storm Phaze II, a ball that has consistently ranked among the market's top bowling balls for nearly seven years.

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