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Get Ready for the Ultimate Bowling Challenge at Motiv Open 2024

Motiv Open 2024 bowling tournament logo
Motiv Open 2024 | Picture credit: Marie Machalová ProBowling

Considering a summer getaway? Brno, Czech Republic, might just be the perfect choice, with Motiv Open 2024 set to bring together bowling enthusiasts from across Europe from June 29th to July 7th.

In the previous year, Motiv Open 2023 stood out as the largest bowling tournament in the Czech Republic, attracting nearly 200 athletes, including medalists from the recent European Championships. Notably, the top honor went to Ukrainian Andrii Gadiatskyi, who delivered a remarkable bowling performance, clinching the first position after a nail-biting qualification process.

This year promises even more excitement, boasting a guaranteed prize fund exceeding 10,000 euros (with a potential increase to 17,250 euros). This generous prize pool is expected to draw some of the finest bowling talents, showcasing their skills in a demanding tournament structure.

Motiv Open 2024 will begin with a 6-game qualification round (re-entries are available). With the qualification dust settled, the top 12 athletes from the general standing will secure a spot in Final Round 2. Simultaneously, twenty others will brace themselves for three intense games from scratch in the Final Round 1, with only the top 8 earning the right to advance.

In the Final Step 2, twenty athletes will play 3 games starting from scratch. The Top 8 will continue to the Final Round 3. There, carrying forward their pinfall from the previous round, 8 players will play additional 2 games to determine final 4.

In the finals, finalists will engage in a nerve-wracking showdown, playing three games from scratch. After each game, the one bowling player with the lowest score will face elimination to determine the winner of Motiv Open 2024.

Don't let this chance slip by - registration is currently underway! More information can be found on Motiv Open 2024 rulebook.

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