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From last to first: Andrii Gadiatskyi's incredible journey to victory at Motiv Open 2023

Andrii Gadiatskyi wins Motiv Open 2023
Andrii Gadiatskyi wins Motiv Open 2023

Ukrainian Andrii Gadiatskyi won the Motiv Open 2023 bowling tournament in Czech Republic.

Facing fierce competition from top athletes across Europe, Gadiatskyi's remarkable journey from the qualifiers to the finals captivated both the crowd and fellow competitors.

In the qualification, Gadiatskyi finished 32nd, securing the last spot in the final steps. Nevertheless, Gadiatskyi showcased his unwavering resolve as he battled his way to the top.

Ukrainian athlete stormed through the first step of the finals, scoring 724 three-game total (233.3 avg.). His stellar performance secured him a place among the elite top eight bowlers, propelling him further on his journey to glory.

In the final step 2, Gadiatskyi bowled another two spectacular games - 226 and 256 (1273 total), establishing himself as the frontrunner before the final showdown.

With the spotlight shining brightly on him, Gadiatskyi entered the final round, brimming with confidence and determination. Facing off against the formidable Czech contender Ondřej Trojek, Gadiatskyi left no doubt about his supremacy on the lanes.

Displaying remarkable skill and composure, he dominated the match, triumphing over Trojek with a resounding score of 268-175. The crowd erupted in applause as Gadiatskyi was crowned the undisputed champion of Motiv Open 2023, claiming not only the prestigious title but also a well-deserved cash prize of €1500.

182 talented athletes hailing from all corners of Europe participated in this year's Motiv Open bowling tournament.