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Kyle Troup triumphs at 2023 PBA Tour Finals, securing 10th career title

Kyle Troup - 2023 PBA Tour Finals winner
Picture source: Professional Bowlers Association

In a thrilling five-hour bowling showcase, Kyle Troup emerged victorious at the 2023 PBA Tour Finals, capturing his 10th career title and writing his name further into the annals of professional bowling history.

Dominic Barrett of England, the lone European bowling player who competed in eight-men PBA Tour Finals, finished third in Group 1, later lost to Troup 278-215 in a match 2 of a stepladder.

Overcoming a series of missed spares and a formidable opponent, Troup's unwavering resolve propelled him to the pinnacle of success. In a high-stakes battle that had spectators on the edge of their seats, Troup showcased his unrivaled skills and mental fortitude.

As the competition reached its climax, Troup found himself locked in a heated showdown with EJ Tackett - a five-time PBA Tour winner in the season. The pair engaged in a neck-and-neck race, trading strikes and spares with a fierce determination. In a Group 1 final, EJ Tackett won the opening game in the Race-to-Two match, but Troup was not yet to back down.

The defining moment of the Group 1 finals arrived when Troup faced a critical spare opportunity.

EJ Tackett surprisingly miseed a 10th pin spare in the 10th frame giving a chance for Troup to tie series and force a roll-off. A rare miss sent shockwaves through the arena, creating a nerve-wracking scenario that demanded Troup's resilience and mental strength.

Undeterred by the setback, Troup gathered himself. With the weight of the championship on his shoulders, he responded with a brilliant display of composure and skill, delivering strikes that tied the series and ignited the crowd.

In a roll-off, Tackett made another 10-pin leave, opening the door again for Troup, who slammed it shut with a match-clinching strike.

In the PBA Tour Finals, Troup stood against Kris Prather, who advanced to the championship match by ascending the stepladder in Group 2. Along the way, he triumphed over Anthony Simonsen, Packy Hanrahan, and defending champion Jason Belmonte.

In the first game of the Race-to-Two match, Belmonte missed two spares that were considered makeable, providing Prather with a significant advantage.

However, Belmonte had envisioned a scenario similar to the previous year's PBA Tour Finals. Determined to turn the tide, Belmonte unleashed his best performance in Game 2.

In a remarkable display of skill, Belmonte scored a perfect 300 game, preventing elimination and etching his name in the history of the PBA as the first player to achieve three televised perfect games.

Yet, Prather remained composed. Belmonte's strike machine stopped during the roll-off, giving a chance to Prather. The Shark secured his spot in the final against Troup with a crucial double.

Once in the championship match, nothing could hinder Troup's unstoppable performance. With impressive scores of 268 and 266, the exceptional two-handed bowler swept Prather aside and claimed the long-awaited 10th title he had passionately pursued.

With his 10th career title secured, Troup joins the ranks of the bowling elite. His remarkable achievements and distinctive persona have endeared him to fans worldwide, making him a beloved figure in the sport. Beyond his memorable appearance, Troup's skill and dedication continue to set him apart as one of the premier bowlers of his generation and a prospect for the Hall of Fame.

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