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The PBA Tour Finals | Dominic Barrett will face Butturff in group stepladder finals

The PBA Tour Finals
Picture Source: Professional Bowlers Association

Dominic Barrett of England, the lone European bowling player competing in eight-men PBA Tour Finals, finished third in Group 1.

In the group's four-game positioning round, players competed on two different lane patterns - 38' Webb and 43' Anthony - to determine the seedings for the group stepladder finals.

Barrett will meet No. 4 seed Jakob Butturff in group stepladder finals on Sunday night.

In a meantime, EJ Tackett and Jason Belmonte, who are the only two-time champions of the PBA Tour Finals, continued their impressive performance at the event held in Arlington, Washington.

Tackett and Belmonte both emerged as leaders in their groups.

Tackett secured the top spot in Group 1 by outperforming Kyle Troup, Dom Barrett, and Jakob Butturff. Meanwhile, Belmonte surpassed Packy Hanrahan, Anthony Simonsen, and Kris Prather to lead Group 2.

Group 1 saw a close competition between Troup and Tackett, with Troup performing well in the first game on each lane pattern, only for Tackett to respond and win the second game on both patterns. Tackett seized the opportunity when Troup faced a challenging situation in the ninth frame of Game 4, ultimately securing the No. 1 seed by delivering a double in his final frame, collecting 916 pin-total throughout four games. Troup ended with 902, Barrett with 866 and Butturff with 806.

In Group 2, all four players remained in contention for the top seed heading into the final game. Although Belmonte held a 24-pin lead, Simonsen, who was in fourth place, remained within striking distance, just 33 pins behind. However, Belmonte maintained his position by consistently scoring high, firing six consecutive strikes to secure the top seed. He achieved the highest series of the day with a score of 969.

Belmonte credited his previous experience at Strikerz Bowling from last season's event for his success in this tournament.

He believed that using a urethane ball helped him consistently reach the pocket and strike effectively.

Hanrahan managed to hold off Simonsen's late charge and earned the second seed with 941 pin-total, while Simonsen finished third (933).

Kris Prather struggled with the urethane ball on the longer lane pattern, causing him to finish fourth in Group 2 with 887. Nevertheless, Prather expressed the need to figure out how to make the urethane ball work for him in the upcoming matches.

The stepladder finals will begin on Sunday, 11:30 PM CET, followed by the championship match of best-of-two in a five-hour live coverage on CBS Sports Network.

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