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Executive Committee of IBF held a meeting in Lausanne

International Bowling Federation (IBF) held an Executive Committee meeting during 13-14th of February, 2023. It was held held at the new headquarters of IBF in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Acording to the agenda, meeting should have focused on governance, operational restructuring and financial stability of the organisation, though, the main groud for a meeting was the request for Extraordinary General Meeting.

All five zones - Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa - were represented during this meeting.

The representatives from Asia, Oceania and Africa supported Sheikh Talal to be the president of IBF, while Europe and America abstained from voting, meaning the question of a new elections in the IBF will have to wait until next scheduled General Meeting, which will be held in i October, during the next World Combined Championship in Kuwait.

Issues at the IBF started, when IBF's bank accounts in Switzerland as well as the office in Lausanne were closed by at that moment the President of IBF Sheikh Talal, with IBF's bank accounts moved to Kuwait. Sheikh Talal had left his position on May 24th, 2022, after a letter about possible money laundering had been sent by one of the presidents of European Bowling Federation (EBF), but resumed his position, by making an announcement on October 4th, 2022, that he was resuming his duties and accused Martin Faba (IBF 1st VP acting as Interim President) to the conspiracy to create a new rival entity.

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