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Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes | in-depth review

Updated: Mar 6

Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes on a bowling lane

It's been three years since our test team got their first Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes. During this period, they tried out these bowling shoes with an interchangeable slide sole in many practice sessions and tournaments and came back with an in-depth review to make your life easier.

Unboxing Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes

Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes came with S8 sliding sole, which is really nice, meaning you don't need to spend another penny to go bowling right away. The S8 sliding sole is fitted for normal approach conditions and has an average slide transition, which suits most bowlers. It would've been nice to find Dexter shoe covers too, but it was not a big issue as most bowlers have them.


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Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes

BOA system

Although the BOA system was originally created for mountain boots, it has found success in numerous other sports. Bowling was not an exception. Many top-shelf bowling shoes now are equipped with the BOA system, making the tying process easier than ever.

It was the first bowling shoe with the BOA system for our testers, and they had doubts at first about its durability. However, in three years, there have been no failures that would call into question the reliability of the BOA system. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee, giving you peace of mind that if the system ever did break, you wouldn't be without this pair of shoes for long.

First impression

Usually, bowling shoes are quite heavy, but Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes are ridiculously lightweight and comfortable. The BOA system made lacing fast and effortless, while the shoe design reminded more of a basketball sneaker than a bowling shoe. Testers also praised its breathability, which comes in handy during long tournaments, keeping your feet dry and preventing them from swelling.


For the first few games, our testers found the heel of Dexter DexLite Pro BOA bowling shoes a little sticky, but after some time it went away, making the approach smooth and easily predictable. We suggest trying them out in practice, not in a league or tournament, as heels are not interchangeable and require time to accommodate.

It was nice to have the option to change sliding soles, as every bowling alley is different. Pay close attention to which handed player they are designed for before purchasing, as the sole on the non-slide foot is non-replaceable.

In the first year of use, there were no visible signs of wear and tear, leaving the test team pleasantly surprised. Though the heel required frequent maintenance and cleaning due to debris from the approach as it was losing its gripping properties. Overall, the first year of testing confirmed that Dexter DexLite Pro BOA was made for frequent bowlers and from high-quality materials.

In the second year, the rubber sole of a non-sliding foot shoe started rolling off. Our tester superglued it, and the issue didn't occur again. Constant foot swiping to the approach had an impact on the mesh material of the front of the shoe as well, but it wasn't something you couldn't live with.

In the third year of testing, a sliding heel started to peel back for one of our testers. Super glue didn't help this time, as a heel was tearing into small pieces of rubber. Few months after that, the shoes were no longer suitable for use. Although the other two testers didn't notice any similar trouble. Worth mentioning that the first tester has the most slide and bowled most games out of all testers.


Dexter DexLite Pro BOA are exceptionally comfortable and lightweight bowling shoes for any level bowler. The BOA system helps to tighten and loosen them swiftly when needed, and the interchangeable sole allows you to adjust your footwork in every condition. Interchangeable heels would have been nice, but all in all, Dexter DexLite Pro BOA made a stunning impression after three years of testing. That is why Dexter DexLite Pro BOA is probably the best pair of bowling shoes you can get for under 150 dollars.

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