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Booker Clinches His First Title, Teece Fifth at USBC Masters

Updated: Apr 6

DeeRonn Booker USBC Masters 2024 winner
Picture Credit: Professional Bowlers Association (PBA)

DeeRonn Booker, a relative unknown not only to European bowling spectators but to Americans as well, emerged victorious in the 2024 USBC Masters, defeating Patrick Dombrowski in the championship match with a final score of 217-177.

Booker's success also earned him a spot in upcoming tournaments, including the World Series of Bowling XV and April’s PBA Tournament of Champions, further solidifying his presence in the bowling world. With this victory, Booker looks forward to continuing his journey and inspiring others to pursue their passions in the sport.

Englishman Richard Teece made the televised USBC stepladder finals, but fell against Sam Cooley in the opening match.

Final Standings:

  1. DeeRonn Booker - $100,000

  2. Patrick Dombrowski - $50,000

  3. Jason Belmonte - $25,000

  4. Sam Cooley - $15,000

  5. Richie Teece - $10,000

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