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Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowlers

Best bowling ball for straight bowlers

Even though we already discovered that hooking a bowling ball is most of the times more effective than throwing it straight, being a straight bowler can sometimes make your bowling life easier.

A straight bowler never has to adjust to lane conditions, or to spend long hours, weeks, or even months learning how to hook the bowling ball.

Nevertheless, much like a bowler who prefers hooking, a straight bowler requires a reliable bowling ball to successfully target the pocket for a strike.

If you are in search for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers - look no further. This article presents the best bowling balls for straight bowlers, carefully selected by our testers. Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links.

BowlingLife Top Picks



Best bowling ball for straight bowlers

Storm Mix Bowling Ball



Perfect for straight bowlers looking to learn to hook

Hammer Black Widow 3.0 bowling ball


First things first - you need to answer yourself a question - do you want to be bowling straight, or learn to hook more somewhere in the future? If the answer is remain a straight bowler, we suggest selecting bowling balls with durable coverstock materials, such as plastic or urethane. On the other hand, if you aspire to learn how to hook a bowling ball, it would be wise to invest in reactive bowling balls straightaway, which provide a greater hook potential.

Regardless of your decision, our testers have picked a selection of the best bowling balls for straight bowlers. So, without further fuss, let's explore them!


Best bowling balls for straight bowlers


Storm Mix Bowling Ball

The Storm Mix series is an excellent bowling ball choice for straight bowlers or beginners. It not only serves as a spare on heavy or medium oil patterns, rolling straight as an arrow, but also excels in extremely dry conditions. With its traditional 3-piece core, the Mix provides heightened predictability, and its urethane coverstock ensures exceptional durability and improved performance on dry lanes compared to a plastic bowling ball. With a variety of colors available, it caters to the preferences of every bowler. Our testers named Storm Mix bowling ball as the best bowling ball for straight bowlers or anyone seeking a durable option.

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Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball bowling ball

The Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball is an excellent choice not just for those requiring a plastic spare option but also for straight bowlers and newcomers to bowling. With its renowned Gas Mask core, which allows for straight angles, the Black Widow Viz-A-Ball becomes a viable choice as a first bowling ball for those who prefer playing straight. Plus, it boasts an impressive appearance! We hope you're not afraid of spiders, though.


Brunswick Rhino bowling ball

The Brunswick Rhino isn't your typical plastic or urethane bowling ball—it's a reactive pearl! With its traditional light bulb core, medium RG/medium differential, and polished 500-grit Royal Shine finish, this ball ensures controlled motion for players of all levels. The R-16 pearl reactive coverstock prevents overhooking, providing a smooth glide and conserving energy for potent pin action. It's a perk a straight bowler will fall in love with instantly! A preferred choice for entry-level bowlers on medium-dry lanes for eight years, the Brunswick Rhino, available in various colors starting from 10 pounds, offers both performance and value for money.


Best bowling balls for hook beginners

BEST OVERALL PICK: Hammer Black Widow 3.0

Hammer Black Widow 3.0 bowling ball

The original Hammer Black Widow bowling ball made its debut in June 2006 and has since gained immense popularity. In January 2024, Hammer unveiled one of the most captivating bowling balls of the year—the Hammer Black Widow 3.0. With the renowned Gas Mask core, celebrated for its substantial flare potential, versatility, and dynamic backend motion, coupled with the aggressive HK22 coverstock, the Hammer Black Widow 3.0 serves as a reliable companion, always ready to adjust to any lane conditions. It's a great addition to any bowling ball arsenal, accommodating various bowling styles. It's an excellent bowling ball for straight bowlers, who is learning how to hook a bowling ball.

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Storm Summit Peak bowling ball

In mid-January 2024, Storm introduced an exciting new addition to their bowling ball lineup: the Storm Summit Peak. This release is the pearl version of the highly acclaimed Storm Summit, which stood out as one of the best Storm bowling balls in 2023. The Summit Peak features a slick TX-23 Pearl coverstock and a polished Reacta Gloss finish, providing increased skid in the front part of the lane and a more pronounced backend motion compared to its predecessor. It's an excellent choice for straight bowlers transitioning to curving a bowling ball or beginners, as the Storm Summit Peak is designed to exhibit remarkable responsiveness to friction and deliver that classic hockey stick bowling ball motion.


Ebonite Fireball Blackout

The Ebonite Fireball features the HK22 - GB10.7 pearl reactive coverstock with a polished factory finish, delivering significant power for a pronounced backend flip in dry conditions. Several of our testers have incorporated this bowling ball into their lineup for extended house tournament nights, noting its exceptional performance on challenging lanes. Serving as an ideal choice for your first bowling ball, the Ebonite Fireball adds a new dimension of value and performance to any straight bowler's game. Don't hesitate to get one for yourself.

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Once you discover a bowling ball that fits your requirements, it's crucial to dedicate yourself to rigorous training to perfect your technique and extract the utmost performance from your chosen bowling ball. Do not forget, to unleash your full potential, bowling shoes are just as important. Check out the best bowling shoes for beginners here.

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