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How to Clean a Bowling Ball at Home

Detailed instructions on How to clean a bowling ball at home

A bowling ball is your primary weapon in the fight against the pins. It has to be maintained regularly. This article will give you easy tips on keeping your bowling ball sharp at home.

If you've always had your balls maintained at a bowling proshop by a professional who knows how to do it and you don't want to try anything new, that's fine. This is the best way to maintain your bowling ball. But for all the other mortals who feel like they're jack-of-all-trades, we are here to give you easy and time-tested tips on maintaining your bowling balls at home.

Best Bowling Ball Cleaners

How to clean a bowling ball at home?

Cleaning bowling balls regularly with a proper bowling ball cleaner is the number-one ball maintenance routine for every bowler. Bowling balls accumulate dirt and oil from the lane itself and its machines, which reduces the ball's overall performance. Bowling ball cleaner not only does remove all the dirt and oil, but it also prolongs your bowling ball's life span. To clean your bowling balls at home simply spray bowling ball cleaner onto the bowling ball surface, wait for 10 seconds, and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel.

Cleaning out the pores (detox bowling ball)

Bowling balls need a deeper cleaning once in a while. Specialized proshops have a sweatbox (also called an oven or a detox machine) to evaporate absorbed lane oil from the ball pores, and a spinning machine (also called a spinner), which is used to prepare the surface.

Now, how to detox a bowling ball at home? Using an oven where you just baked your pizza? A dishwasher? Neither is suitable here.

A bucket used for bowling ball cleaning at home

A simple bucket full of hot water with a bit of oil detergent (you can find it at any store) will work for bowling ball detox at home. Bowling ball will need to be dipped in a bucket, but it is crucial to ensure that water does not run into the finger holes. Don't stick with duct tape - the heat will leave the glue on the ball surface, which is very difficult to remove. Wine cork or filling the water almost to the holes will do the trick.

Keep the bowling ball in the water for about 15 minutes, then take it out, wipe it with a towel, change the water, add the degreaser, and repeat the process. After giving your bowling ball a spa procedure, allow it to cool down, and wipe it with a clean cloth using bowling ball cleaner.

Another good way to get oil out of bowling ball is to leave the balls in the car on a warm day. You will be surprised by the result, and then all that remains is to clean the bowling ball surface with the cleaner.

How to resurface a bowling ball at home?

When the bowling ball pores are clean, we can start preparing the ball's surface. You can find the surface specs of every ball on the manufacturer's website. Check that out before resurfacing.

Experienced already know that 'Abralons' will be handy in this process. For the less experienced, helpful information - 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 grit 'Abralon' pads are usually used for bowling balls (the higher the number, the finer the 'Abralon').

If the ball was used a lot, start with a 500-grit 'Abralon'.

Place bowling ball on a hard surface and scrub it about 25-30 times in circular motions. Then turn the ball over and repeat the same process with the other side of the ball. It is best to go around the ball from all sides with one 'Abralon,' then replace it with less grit, and repeat the previous action. After resurfacing the ball, it is best to clean it with a ball cleaner again.

Keeping your bowling ball fresh

Bowling balls tend to soak the oil from the lane to perform its angular motion. To keep your ball in shape while bowling, wipe it between shots with a towel to remove any oil that is visible on the surface. After your bowling session, clean your ball with an approved bowling ball cleaner. This will keep the bowling ball surface fresh, giving it better traction on the lane.

Best Hammer Bowling Balls

Other bowling ball cleaning options

If you're looking to keep your hands clean while giving your bowling ball a thorough cleaning, a personal bowling ball revivor machine is the ideal solution.

Personal Bowling Ball Revivor

How does it work? The bowling ball revivor machine employs heated air circulation to remove dirt and oil from your bowling balls in a matter of minutes. Simply place your bowling ball into the machine, set the timer, and switch it on—the revivor takes care of the cleaning process for you.

Investing in a bowling ball revivor is a smart way to maintain your bowling balls at home. For the cost of one new bowling ball, you can rejuvenate your old ones repeatedly. While there are many options available, we recommend the "Pyramid Phoenix" model. It features time and temperature readouts, providing information on extraction time remaining and temperature, along with automatic shutoff to prevent overheating and unnecessary use. Please note that certain links provided might be affiliate links.


How to clean bowling ball?

To clean a bowling ball at home, follow these steps:

  1. Apply Bowling Ball Cleaner:

  • Spray a bowling ball cleaner on the ball's surface.

  • Allow it to sit for 10 seconds to dissolve dirt and oil.

  1. Wipe with a Microfiber Towel:

  • Use a microfiber towel to wipe the ball clean.

  • Ensure thorough cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and lane oil.

Regular cleaning with a bowling ball cleaner helps maintain optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your bowling ball.

How often to clean bowling ball?

To maintain optimal performance, it's recommended to clean your bowling ball regularly, preferably after every bowling session. Regular cleaning helps remove accumulated dirt and oil, preserving the ball's condition and ensuring consistent gameplay.

What to clean bowling ball with?

Clean your bowling ball with a specialized bowling ball cleaner. These cleaners are designed to dissolve lane oil and dirt, maintaining the ball's performance. Simply spray the cleaner on the ball's surface, wait for 10 seconds, and wipe it clean with a microfiber towel. Using an approved bowling ball cleaner ensures effective cleaning without damaging the ball.

Can I clean bowling ball with dish soap?

Using dish soap to clean a bowling ball is not recommended. Bowling balls require specialized, USBC-approved cleaners designed to dissolve lane oil and maintain their performance. Dish soap may not effectively remove the accumulated dirt and oil, and it could potentially damage the ball's surface. It's best to use a dedicated bowling ball cleaner for proper maintenance.

How to clean bowling ball finger holes?

Cleaning the finger holes of a bowling ball is an essential part of its maintenance. Best way to clean finger holes is to moisten the microfiber cloth with a specialized bowling ball cleaner and to gently wipe the interior of the finger holes with the damp cloth. Don't forget to allow the finger holes to air dry completely befor bowling.

What is the best towel to clean bowling ball?

Microfiber towels are great at absorbing oil and dirt from the ball's surface. However, for the utmost cleaning performance, opting for a specialized bowling ball shammy is the ideal choice.

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