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Storm Summit Peak | In-Depth Review

Updated: Mar 6

Storm Summit Peak Bowling Ball review

In the mid January 2024, Storm dropped a new exciting bowling ball release: the Storm Summit Peak. It is the pearl version of Storm Summit, which was one of the best Storm bowling balls in 2023. Storm Summit Peak kept the same Centripetal HD - A.I. core that everyone loved in the original Summit. What's new? Well, Summit Peak got his slick TX-23 Pearl coverstock and a polished finish with Reacta Gloss, offering more skid in the front part of the lane and more sharp backend motion compared with its older sibling.

In this in-depth review of the Storm Summit Peak bowling ball, we will delve deep to find out if Storm Summit Peak bowling ball has what it takes to be your go-to companion for medium oil patterns.

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Key Specifications

Storm Summit Peak Specifications

Coverstock Type: Reactive Pearl

Coverstock Name: TX-23 Pearl Reactive

Core Type: Symmetrical

Core Name: Centripetal HD - A.I.

Box Finnish: Reacta Gloss

Best For: Medium oil

RG: 2.46

Total Diff: 0.056

Intermediate Diff: 0.000


Asymmetrical core - Asymmetric bowling ball deliver sharper, more angular motion when meeting friction.

Symmetrical core - Symmetric bowling balls produce a soft, controllable motion.

Radius of gyration (RG) - The higher RG, the more back-end motion a bowling ball will produce, as high RG ball skids more and tends to conserve more power for the further part of the lane.

Total Diff - the difference between low RG (X axis) and high RG (Y axis).

Intermediate Diff - only found in asymmetrical balls, as it is the difference between the high RG (Y axis) and intermediate RG (Z axis).

First impression

After a few shots, the initial reaction of the new Storm Summit Peak on the lanes brought to mind the 900 Global Sublime. Both exhibited a great skid through the front part of the lane and a powerful backend motion. However, the Storm Summit Peak seemed of skidding a bit farther and possessing a slightly more pronounced backend motion. This distinction could prove crucial in scenarios where the lanes are worn and you find yourself needing to play a more inside.

Storm Summit Peak BowlingLife Review


Lane Performance

We passed the shiny new Storm Summit Peak bowling ball to two of our testers - a speed-dominant one-hander and a rev-dominant two-hander.  Our goal was to showcase the ball's strengths across different potential lane conditions, testing it on both a medium sport oil pattern and a typical house shot pattern (THS).

This time, our testers deliberately refrained from using sanding pads on the Storm Summit Peak's cover. They felt that sanding would compromise the ball's intended performance, specifically its unique hockey stick reaction. If you're looking for more mid-lane read and an earlier reaction, our testers recommended going for the original Storm Summit.

Following initial shots on the fresh medium oil pattern, our speed-dominant one-hander tester has to move further left than usual, as the Storm Summit Peak simply glides through the front part of the lanes and just when it catches the friction, it just snaps back to the pocket. What our tester really loved about the new Storm Summit Peak was how forgiving the Storm Summit Peak was when he missed left. The perfect combination of Reacta Gloss and pearl coverstock secures the ball from digging in the oil, so almost every time our tester missed left, the ball found the pocked in a decent angle to still get those corner pins.

Although our speed-dominant one-handed tester favoured the 900 Global Sublime on a fresh THS, finding it more controllable, he believed that the Storm Summit Peak would be an excellent option for players who dislike the early lane read but prefer playing with more open angles, who would expect a hockey stick reaction from a bowling ball, and the Storm Summit Peak aligns well with this preference just perfect.

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A rev-dominant two-hander found the Storm Summit Peak to be most effective when the medium oil pattern began to break down on the lanes. Shifting to a deeper left position and keeping the ball within the oil, targeting around the middle arrow and maintaining the breakpoint around the 6-7 board, our tester found good pocket most of the times. Even when the Reacta Gloss lost a bit of its impact, the Storm Summit Peak consistently displayed a robust backend motion, efficiently picking up corner pins. This can be attributed to its low RG and very high Diff, providing the ball with an insatiable desire to flip towards the pocket.

Overall impression

Wow, this Storm Summit Peak can really hook! It effortlessly glides through the front part of the lanes, conserving all its power for the friction further down the lane. In comparison to the original Storm Summit, the new Storm Summit Peak stands out as cleaner through the fronts with a sharper shape on the backend. Both of our testers experienced the most success with the Storm Summit Peak when they shifted left, as the ball excelled in that area, ensuring consistent pin carry. Although the 900 Global Sublime received more favor from our testers on the typical house shot (THS) pattern, they both found the Storm Summit Peak to be extremely beneficial on a medium oil pattern. It proved to be the ideal choice when they needed a bowling ball that could smoothly navigate the front part of the lane and deliver a powerful pop on the backend.

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Storm Summit Peak Evaluation

Storm Summit Peak BowlingLife Review

If you're in search of a bowling ball that effortlessly glides through the front part of the lanes, displaying remarkable responsiveness to friction and delivering that classic hockey stick ball motion, then the Storm Summit Peak is undoubtedly your go-to choice! This ball serves as a fantastic addition to your arsenal, particularly when the situation demands navigating more inside lines or strategically outplaying lanes that have seen wear and tear. And its colors are simply stunning!

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