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The world has new bowling champions

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

IBF World Cup
Photo of Tenpin Bowling Australia

The 2022 International Bowling Federation (IBF) World Cup, which was held in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, ended. Athletes from 13 countries fought for the most prestigious award individually and as a team of four players.

Men's Singles

After qualification games and the TOP 32 male knockout round, the two best players were Australian Jason Belmonte and Paul Purps from Germany, who fought for gold in Men's Singles. Although PBA Player of the Year award of 2022 winner Jason Belmonte started on a high note, winning his first game 269-157, Paul Purps wasn't ready to give a win easily. After a shaky start, German won the second game after a roll-off (189-189). In a decisive third game, bowling gods were on 19-year-old Paul Purps's side. He won the third game 218-223 and took his first World Cup Champion title. American athlete Kris Prather was awarded a bronze medal after defeating Malaysian Timmy Tan 2 games to 0 (288-279; 215-206).

Gold Medal | Paul Purps, Germany
Silver Medal | Jason Belmonte, Australia
Bronze Medal | Kris Prather, U.S.A

Women's Singles

American Bryanna Cote clinched gold in the Women's Singles after convincingly beating Hui Fen New from Singapore in the final match (194-186; 226-201). German Birgit Noreiks claimed the bronze medal after winning against Lara Posadas from the Philippines (220-215, 228-225).

Gold Medal | Bryanna Cote, U.S.A
Silver Medal | Hui Fen New, Singapore
Bronze Medal | Birgit Noreiks, Germany

Men's Teams

Team U.S.A and Puerto Rico clashed in a gold medal match. Although team U.S.A - Jakob Butturff, AJ Johnson, Kris Prather, and Kyle Troup -started strong, Puerto Rico regained their positions in the third game after AJ Johnson's mistake in the ninth frame, winning by one pin. But it wasn't enough. Team U.S.A controlled events during the fourth game and took the gold medal (214-172; 262-202; 221-222; 209-198). Then, a loud and excited crowd in a bronze medal game greeted team Australia as they took on the Philippines. With the crowd on their side, Australians won against Team Philippines three games to zero (198-163; 242-222; 213-159).

Gold Medal | U.S.A – AJ Johnson, Jakob Butturff, Kris Prather, Kyle Troup
Silver Medal | Puerto Rico – Cristian Azcona, Israel Hernandez, Eisam Hussein, Edward Burgos
Bronze Medal | Australia – Adam Hayes, Jarrod Langford, Sam Cooley, Jason Belmonte.

Women's Teams

In a gold game, spectators had a real European derby. Sweden faced Germany in the final match for the entire competition. Swedes led all match losing only one game (215-160; 192-162; 212-229; 237-202) and took the gold. In a bronze playoff, Team Malaysia showcased a true spectacle, winning against favorites Team U.S.A in 5 game match (226-204; 219-182; 192-226; 220-248; 235-228).

Gold Medal | Sweden – Josefin Hermansson, Anna Andersoon, Cajsa Wegner, Jenny Wegner.
Silver Medal | Germany – Birgit Noreiks, Saskia Malz, Janin Ribguth, Sabrina Laub.
Bronze Medal | Malaysia – Esther Cheah, Siti Safiyah, Li Jane Sin, Natasha Roslan.
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