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Team Pergamon & Spader Dam became champions in Swedish Bowling League

Picture Source: Svenska Bowlingförbundet

Team 'Spader Dam' won their 17th women's gold, while Team 'Pergamon' took its fifth consecutive Men's gold in the Swedish Bowling League.

In the Women's Championship Finals 'Spader Dam' took down 'Team X-Calibur' BK 2-0. 'Spader Dam' won the first final match 12-8 and took the second one with a final result of 13-7 to win the Helsingborg team's 17th gold in Swedish Bowling League.

'We have been looking forward to this all season and now we stand here as champions. It can't get any better,' Anna Andersson said. 'This gold probably hit the hardest, because I don't think we have ever been such big favorites in advance. It's a bit special to go in as favorites, but the pressure mainly comes from ourselves because we know how badly we want to win. We play extremely well in the playoffs and there are always different players in the team who step forward.'

Anna Andersson was the top scorer with 1021 total in the first final game, while Sandra de Neergaard led the team in the second, with 973 pins.

'Spader Dam' gold team:
Anna Andersson Elin Bergqvist Sandra de Neergaard Emma Halttunen Katrin Jansson Nora Johansson Hanna Jönsson Josefine Linderoth Filippa Persson Cajsa Wegner Jenny Wegner
Coach: Karl Wahlgren

Team 'Pergamon' stays unbeatable in the Men's event for the fifth consecutive season of the Swedish Bowling League.

The winner of the regular season, BK 'Kaskad', was a tough nut to crack. It took all three games in the final series to decide the winner. Eventually, Team 'Pergamon' sealed the deal with a final result of 2-1.

The first final match ended with a tie 10-10, but Team 'Pergamon' won the second 11-9, to have an advantage before the third and decisive final.

BK 'Kaskad' started off strong in the third game, winning the first two series 3-2, but Team 'Pergamon' showed their best game when it was most needed. They won the final two series 4-1 and took the game 12-8.

'There is joy and relief now. There have been really tough matches in the playoffs and we could never relax,' Martin Larsen said, who was the top scorer in the decisive final with 1005 points. 'I haven't been playing that well lately and I didn't want to disappoint my team. Over the weekend, I found the game more and more.'

Martin Larsen gave tribute to his teammate Jesper Svensson, who made a midnight flight on Thursday night to enter the playoffs just a few hours before the game started.

'We do it as a team, but without superstars and machines like Jesper, it would have been very difficult to win the gold.'

Jesper Svensson has had a busy schedule lately on the PBA tour, but there was no force in the world stopping him from helping his teammates in the most decisive league games back in Sweden.

'It has been overwhelming and I feel completely exhausted.' Jesper said. 'But it's moments like this that we play for and the playoffs are the most fun we have in Sweden.'

'Pergamon' gold team:
Timmie Ahl Adam Andersson Kim Bolleby Oliver Dahlgren Axel Engblom Albin Gullstrand Pontus Falkhäll Markus Jansson Benjamin Jonsson Martin Larsen Alexander Larsson Zakarias Lindqivst Tobias Hogdin Osku Palemaa Jesper Svensson
Coach: Niklas Dahlberg Team Manager: Pär Svensson

Swedish Bowling League is considered as one of the most competitive bowling leagues in the world.

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