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Tackett trips bowlers out by false history fact during smack talk with Dom Barrett | Video

USA's EJ Tackett had a smack talk with Dominic Barrett of England during teams presentation at the WSOB XIV 'USA vs. The World' after an opening match between Australian Jason Belmonte and Tommy Jones of the USA.

After Belmo's 231-185 win against TJ, the lineups for the singles round of the USA vs. The World events were set.

Match One: Tommy Jones vs. Sam Cooley
Match Two: Kyle Troup vs. Jesper Svensson
Match Three: Anthony Simonsen vs. Jason Belmonte
Match Four: EJ Tackett vs. Dom Barrett

All four pairs were asked to comment on their impending matches.

Reflecting on his bowling history with Britain's Dominic Barrett, EJ Tackett came out with an outlandish statement.

During an interview, EJ Tackett revealed he is 'looking to send him (Dom Barrett) back just like we (the Americans) did in two World Wars.' This fallacious history fact left bowlers and spectators rolling in the aisles until the world's number one Jason Belmonte amended everyone that Yankees, Britains, and Aussies fought on the same side during both World Wars.

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