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Sheikh Talal Al-Sabah re-elected as President of the IBF

International Bowling Federation

Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah of Kuwait was re-elected President of the International Bowling Federation (IBF) to serve his third consecutive four-year term.

The election took place during the IBF Congress on Friday. Sheikh Talal received more support from the delegates of IBF members, defeating his challenger, Cathy Innes of Canada, by a decisive margin of 87-17 votes.

After his re-election, Sheikh Talal expressed gratitude to all the delegates, saying, 'I thank those who voted for me, and I thank those who did not vote for me. All I ask is that we work together for the future of the sport of bowling.'

During the IBF Congress, Sheikh Talal expressed his joy over the achievements of his previous term, highlighting the recognition of the sport by the International Paralympic Committee and the initiation of a long-term broadcast strategy.

Sheikh Talal provided limited information regarding the current broadcasting strategy of the IBF. Previous broadcasting partner, 'StrikeCloud,' responsible for the telecast during the 2021 World Championships in Dubai, did not had a single bowling-related broadcast since then, its official website is parked free, and the ongoing World Championships, hosted in Kuwait, are being broadcasted through a personal YouTube channel.

Throughout the IBF Congress, Sheikh Talal outlined his key priorities for his upcoming four-year term, with a strong emphasis on enhancing transparency within the organization.

After the presidential election, the IBF Congress proceeded with the voting for the two Vice Presidents. Mr. Martin Faba, the incumbent 1st Vice President, received 81 votes, defeating Ms. Shalin Zulkifli, who was nominated by the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress, with 23 votes. Similarly, Mr. Marios Nicolaides, the incumbent 2nd Vice President, secured 87 votes against Mr. Ron Griffin of England's 17, earning his re-election, while Michael Seymour withdrew candidacy for Vice President post.