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[BREAKING] The World Games confirms: bowling excluded from its sports program for the 2025 event

Bowling competition at the World Games
Picture source: The World Games

Bowling will not be a part of The World Games 2025 sports programme, authorities of the the International World Games Association (IWGA) confirmed today for 'BowlingLife'.

The decision, stated as final, was the outcome of the inability to communicate with the International Bowling Federation (IBF) during crucial debriefing and application processes.

According to the IWGA, the situation unfolded after the conclusion of TWG 2022 in Birmingham, where discussions were scheduled to take place regarding the inclusion of sports events for the 2025 Chengdu edition. However, due to difficulties in establishing communication with the IBF, those vital debriefing sessions and application discussions could not be conducted.

'It is correct that bowling will not participate in The World Games 2025 sports programme,' Anna Jacobson, the Communication Officer of the IWGA confirmed. 'Regrettably, neither the debriefing of TWG 2022 Birmingham nor the discussions on their application for the TWG 2025 Chengdu could take place due to the impossibility of communicating with the IBF.'

Anna Jacobson made it clear that the IBF's failure to communicate resulted in missing the submission deadline. Eventually, the the General Meeting of the IWGA ratified sports programme at the beginning of May 2023. This led to bowling not being included in the prestigious multi-sport event in Chengdu, China.

'The decision is final.'

The IWGA expressed regret over the situation and confirmed that any further communications and dialogue with the IBF would be addressed internally. If possible, the representatives from the IBF would be given the opportunity, just like any other eligible IWGA Member Federation, to reapply for inclusion in The World Games 2029 sports programme.

Despite numerous attempts, 'BowlingLife' was unable to reach the IBF authorities for a comment on this shocking revelation.

The exclusion of bowling from The World Games 2025 is undoubtedly a disappointment for both the bowling athletes and the fans who were looking forward to witnessing the sport on such a global stage.

Bowling was one of five sports which have been continuously on the programme of World Games since the first edition in 1981. Bowling absence during The World Games 2025 will certainly be felt by its passionate supporters.