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Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane | In-Depth Review

Updated: Jun 22

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane  Bowling Ball review

Released in July 2021, the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball (better known as the Purple Hammer) has quickly cemented its place as one of the most iconic bowling balls. You can love or hate this ball, but you must agree - this particular urethane bowling ball from Hammer revolutionized play at all bowling levels, becoming a prevalent topic of discussion among bowlers. Whether in league play or European or World championships, the Purple Hammer has proven its worth across various conditions, making it an essential addition to any bowler’s arsenal.

Purple Hammer bowling ball review

It would be a mistake not to place the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball at the pinnacle of Hammer's bowling ball offerings. The ball's versatility on nearly any lane condition and responsiveness to cover changes have made it a game-changer in the bowling community.

In this Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball review, we will explore its strengths and weaknesses to determine if it truly stands out as one of the best bowling balls ever produced.

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Short Purple Hammer Review

Don't want to read a full review? Here is a short summary!

Purple Hammer bowling ball review

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane is a game-changer, known for its versatility across various oil patterns and exceptional responsiveness to cover changes. Utilizing the traditional high RG/low diff light bulb-shaped LED core with a urethane pearl coverstock, this ball offers enhanced control and a more rounded shape. It's highly adaptable to surface adjustments, making it a reliable choice for medium-dry to even transition oil on longer oil patterns. Its consistent performance and strong pin carry have earned it a top spot among Hammer’s offerings. Whether you’re a speed-dominant or rev-dominant player, the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane is a valuable addition to any arsenal, delivering outstanding results across various lane conditions.

Key Specifications

Purple Hammer bowling ball specifications

Coverstock Type: Urethane

Coverstock Name: Urethane Pearl

Core Type: Symmetrical

Core Name: LED

Box Finnish: 500/1000/2000 Siaair

Best For: Medium-Short oil

RG: 2.65

Total Diff: 0.015

Intermediate Diff: -


Asymmetrical core - Asymmetric bowling ball deliver sharper, more angular motion when meeting friction.

Symmetrical core - Symmetric bowling balls produce a soft, controllable motion.

Radius of gyration (RG) - The higher RG, the more back-end motion a bowling ball will produce, as high RG ball skids more and tends to conserve more power for the further part of the lane.

Total Diff - the difference between low RG (X axis) and high RG (Y axis).

Intermediate Diff - only found in asymmetrical balls, as it is the difference between the high RG (Y axis) and intermediate RG (Z axis).

First impression

Examining the bowling ball tech spec sheet, the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane stands out with its urethane pearl coverstock and traditional LED core. This combination promises enhanced control and adaptability. The ball's versatility across different oil patterns and its responsiveness to cover changes make it an intriguing choice for bowlers looking to elevate their game.

Purple Hammer bowling ball review


Lane Performance

We provided the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane to two of our testers – a speed-dominant one-hander and a rev-dominant two-hander. The objective was to allow the ball to showcase its strengths across different lane conditions, including heavy, medium, and dry sport oil patterns, as well as a typical house shot pattern (THS).

A speed-dominant one-hander particularly enjoyed the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane on fresh medium oil patterns and on flat. The ball’s out-of-the-box finish allowed for smooth delivery to the pocket without the need for additional surface adjustments. The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane delivered a controlled motion towards the pocket consistently, providing a reliable mid-lane read and a strong follow-through which was not expected from an urethane bowling ball.

On heavy oil, our tester added more grit to the surface (360 Siaair). This tweak allowed tester to keep the angle a little open with enhanced mid-lane read, ensuring a consistent ball reaction down the lane. Despite the increased grit, the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane maintained a decent backend motion, entering the pins with the right angle. While playing on heavy oil with an urethane bowling ball does not seem like a smart thing, even in these conditions it is possible to play with the Purple Hammer, especially when the pattern break down.

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane also performed exceptionally well on short oil patterns. Our speed-dominant one-hander tester decided to smooth the surface (1000 Siaair) and shift a bit left. The result was a smooth glide through the mid-lane and a sweet backend reaction, making it a joy to pull off solid shots.

Our rev-dominant two-hander found the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane to be highly effective on THS with the out-of-the-box finish. The ball dug in nicely, grabbing onto the oil for a solid grip in the mid-lane and unleashing a powerful, smooth movement towards the pins. The tester could switch things up by moving a bit to the left, slowing down the ball, and gaining extra space to take on the pins.

Overall impression

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane is truly a standout bowling ball. Its traditional LED core combined with the urethane pearl coverstock offers enhanced control and a more rounded shape. The ball is highly adaptable to surface changes, making it suitable for various bowling conditions. Our testers found the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane to be extremely beneficial in situations where a reliable, consistent ball is needed to navigate different oil patterns without compromising performance.

Purple Hammer Evaluation

Purple Hammer bowling ball review

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane (a.k.a. Purple Hammer) is a versatile, reliable addition to any bowler’s arsenal. It caters to various bowling styles and excels in medium-dry to even heavy oil conditions. Our testers found it particularly beneficial for its adaptability and strong pin carry. Over the years, we've witnessed numerous league players who have literally transformed their perception of bowling because of this ball. They've used it on dry, medium, and even heavy oil patterns, Like no other reactive bowling ball ever existed. Surprisingly, Purple Hammer consistently delivered phenomenal bowling ball reaction and impressive scores. Truly, the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane stands out as one of the best bowling balls to invest in. Not having this ball in your bowling ball arsenal is a big miss these days.

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