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Cote wins the U.S. Women's Open, Latvia's Zavjalova ends fourth

American Bryanna Cote won the 2023 U.S. Women's Open.

In the championship game at the ABC Gates Bowl on Tuesday night, the 37-year-old right-hander from Tucson, Arizona, defeated Colombia's Clara Guerrero 153-142 to win her first major championship.

A victory in the title match earned Cote a green jacket, the iconic trophy and the $60,000 first-place check.

Latvia's Diana Zavjalova, who earned the No. 3 seed with 12,112 total in 56 games (206.64 avg.) and 18-6 W-L record in the Match-play round, finished fourth, after losing to No. 5 seed Danielle McEwan 192-227 in the Stepladder game 2.

Ten European bowling players were competing in the U.S. Women's Open this year - Anneli Blomqvist, Verity Crawley, Eliisa Hiltunen, Ani Juntunen, Peppi Konsteri, Dasha Kovalova, Birgit Noreiks, Sanna Oksanen, Daria Pajak, and Diana Zavjalova.

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