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Bulgarian Bowlers Lichev and Dangova Secure Republican Titles

Todor Georgiev Lichev and Radka Dangova at Bulgarian bowling championships
Picture credit: Bulgarian Bowling Federation

Todor Georgiev Lichev and Radka Dangova emerged victorious at the Bulgarian Bowling Championship for the 2023-2024 season.

Todor Georgiev Lichev began his journey to the Republican title by defeating bronze medalist Ruslan Vasilev with a 3-0 victory (206-187, 238-205, 209-198) in the semifinals. In the final match, Lichev faced last year's champion, Dian Doytchev Dinev, and won with a 3-1 victory (203-165, 179-153, 190-198, 205-187). This win marked Lichev's first Republican title in the Men's category. At 65 years old, Lichev is a six-time National champion in the Seniors category, with his most recent win occurring a week prior.

In the women's category, Radka Dangova won her first Republican title. Dangova started with a 3-0 semifinal victory over Marina Stefanova (179-165, 176-160, 176-158). She then faced defending champion Mariana Meteksinova in the final, securing the title with a 3-2 win (179-159, 204-166, 194-210, 144-225, 179-169).

Both Lichev and Dangova will represent Bulgaria at the European Championship of Champions in Bratislava

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