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Bulgaria has new Republican bowling Teams champions

Bulgarian Republican bowling Teams champions

A three-day competition between the 6th and 8th of May was held in the 'Joy Station' bowling center in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The best Doubles, Trios, and Teams of five were competing for the Republican title.

Twenty-eight Doubles participated in the event for three tickets to the Stepladder finals. Last year’s winners - Hristo Georgiev and Radosvet Nikolov - performed best in the first squad, scoring 2002 pins in ten games total (200.2 avg.). During the second squad, Dian Dinev and Luben Levicharov managed to overtake the lead with 2091 pins (209.1 average). The third spot in the Stepladder finals went to the Georgi Dimov/Plamen Stanchev duo.

Dimov/Stanchev duet stood against Georgiev/Nikolov in the first match of the Stepladder finals. It was a tight game, with only 9 pins difference to decide Georgiev's/Nikolov's victory. In the final match, last year’s winners played incredibly and defended their doubles title by a mile - 463 to 364.

Doubles bowling champions: Hristo Georgiev and Radosvet Nikolov
Doubles champions: Hristo Georgiev and Radosvet Nikolov

During the second day of the finals, players participated in the very intense qualification of Trios. Dian Dinev/Kaloyan Ivanov/Luben Levicharov led trios qualification with 3197 pins (213.1 avg.). Soon enough this trio became champions, defeating Aleksander Zahariev/Tsvetelina Dimitrova/Atanas Atanasov 663 to 481 in the semi-finals, and Dian Dinev/Kaloyan Ivanov/Luben Levicharov in the finals only by 15 pins.

Trios champions: Dian Dinev, Kaloyan Ivanov and Luben Levicharov
Trios champions: Dian Dinev, Kaloyan Ivanov and Luben Levicharov

Vying Teams was the cherry on top for the whole weekend of the competition. Six Teams competed in Round Robin format. In the semi-finals, BC 'Academic' faced BC 'The Magicians 2005'. 'Magicians' built the lead in the first game and managed to secure the advantage in the second to seal the victory by only twelve pins 1836-1824. In the final 'Magicians' stood against the 'Strike Mania - Sofia' team. It was a close game to the very end, but 'Maniacs' manage to strike out and take the title with a bit of better luck in the last frame by only 25 pins - 1890-1865.

Teams champions: 'Strike Mania - Sofia'
Teams champions: 'Strike Mania - Sofia'

Season's individual finals will take over this weekend to determine Bulgarian bowling champions in Singles.