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Bowling Pro-Motion Tour 2023

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Bowling Pro-Motion Tour 2023 logo

Start date: 2023-09-18

End date: 2023-09-27

Location: France, Saint-Lô

Bowling center: 4 bowling centers

Prize pool: 29000€


Attention, all bowling mesdames et messieurs! Get ready to lace up your shoes, polish your balls, and join for the most exciting and exhilarating event of the year - the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour! The only tour in the world that takes action from city to city every day, this tournament promises to be an absolute game-changer!

Prepare yourself for the biggest bowling tournament in all of France, where players and spectators alike will embark on a thrilling journey to four incredible bowling centers located in different cities. You'll be hitting the lanes at the stunning Saint Lo Bowling in Saint Lô, the renowned Rennes Bowling in Rennes, the impressive Silverbowl in Beaucouze, and the fantastic Sphere Bowling in Fontaine le Comte. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere and a chance to showcase your bowling skills in front of a diverse audience.

But the excitement doesn't stop there! The Bowling Pro-Motion Tour will be making waves across television networks in France, the United States, and on official Bowling Pro-Motion Tour YouTube channel. You'll have the opportunity to bowl your way frame-by-frame to glory, captivating audiences around the world with your impressive bowling showdown. This is your chance to shine on the global stage!

Organisers of the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour understands that every bowler dreams of the highest level of competition, and they will do everything in their power to make those dreams come true. Joining the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour means stepping onto the grand stage of professional bowling, facing off against some of the most skilled players from across the globe. It's time to push your limits, showcase your talents, and prove that you have what it takes to become a true bowling champion.

And let's not forget about the amazing prizes awaiting the victorious bowlers! As you battle it out on the lanes, not only will you have the chance to claim the title of Bowling Pro-Motion Tour champion, but you'll also have the opportunity to cash out some truly incredible rewards. Picture yourself holding that hefty prize check, basking in the glory of your hard-earned victory. It's a moment you'll cherish forever!

So don't let this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers. Mark your calendars, gather your bowling buddies, grab your spot in the Squads and get ready to be a part of the bowling event of a lifetime. The Bowling Pro-Motion Tour awaits your arrival, ready to showcase the very best of your bowling prowess. It is going to be an experience like no other - a journey filled with excitement and unforgettable moments.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rising star, this is your chance to shine. Join the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour, where the lanes come alive with the thunderous sound of strikes and the electrifying energy of competition. Get ready to make history, create memories, and leave your mark on the world of bowling!

See you at the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour - the event that will have bowlers and fans alike buzzing with anticipation. Let's knock some pins!

Additional information
Contact information:

Bruno Bidone

+33 (0)6 87 11 24 77

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