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The best out of the box gift ideas for bowlers

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Bowling Gift

Christmas is near, but your Santa's bag is empty? No worries, we know how hard it can be to choose the right present for a bowling player. We selected five unique and wallet-friendly gift ideas for every bowling enthusiast.

#1 Rotating Bowling Ball Cup

Switching bowling ball sides when cleaning oil and debris can be irritating. This handy tool will ease the process. Rotating bowling ball cup turns cleaning, polishing, or even sanding the ball into a fun pre-game/post-game routine. Surprise your loved ones with this great gift.

#2 Bowling Ball Cleaning Shammy

Good shammy removes the oil and debris from the bowling ball much better than a bowling towel. It brings back the tacky feel to any ball and it is washable too! Don't forget, clean ball - clean game!

#3 Cosmetic Bag With Bowling Quote

Ridiculous how many small things a regular bowler has. Scissors, little screwdriver, pen, bowling tape, skin patch, shoe brush - it's just a tiny part of countless findings in a bowling bag. A cosmetic bag can be a great and practical gift for a bowling player to keep his knick-knacks in one place.

#4 Bowling Shoe Covers

Covers are an excellent product for bowling shoe protection. As bowling shoes are expensive, every bowler wants to shield them from debris when not down on the lanes. Good pair of shoe covers does just that. They are made of high-quality vinyl construction and are waterproof. In addition, they are very stylish.

#5 Portable Mini Desk Fan

A portable mini fan can be a real savior. Many professional bowlers take their portable mini fan even on televised games. It keeps hands dry and can create a breeze of fresh air before a decisive shot. You can't miss with a gift like this.

Want to surprise yourself with a brand new bowling ball this Christmas?

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