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Best bowling balls for Christmas 2022

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Best bowling balls for Christmas 2022

There is no better Christmas present for every bowling player than a bowling ball. We've picked five of the best new bowling balls you can buy this year. All that is left for you to do is to make your loved ones happy.

#1 Roto Grip Hyped solid

Roto Grip Hyped solid is a great new release by Storm Products. This gem features the 'Hyped' core wrapped in 'VTC' solid coverstock and is perfect for a typical house shot conditions. The ball comes finished at 3000-grit 'Abralon', which allows the ball to read the lane when you miss inside in the oil, but does not overreact when you cut to the dry too early, and has a smooth backend motion that is strong through the pins. Roto Grip Hyped solid allows you to stay further right of the lane and is a classic benchmark ball for all-level bowlers at a great price point. So if you weren't already excited, now is the time you should get Hyped!

#2 900 Global Altered Reality

Get ready for massive pin action! Released at the end of 2021, Altered Reality features the same 'The Disturbance Asymmetric Core' found in the original 'Reality' but is now wrapped in the 'S84' cover, which allows this ball to make pins explode into the back of the pit. No matter what line you want to play, Altered Reality gives you confidence and goes through the pocket every time. With all being said, 900 Global created a truly unique and never before seen reaction offering a broader spectrum of use on medium to heavy oil conditions. This precious stone must be in your bowling bag!

#3 Storm IQ Tour Edition

Probably the most versatile bowling ball ever made. No wonder it is still desired and manufactured since 2012. The 'R2S Solid Reactive Coverstock' combines with the 'C³ Centripetal Control Core' to create a predictable and reliable change of direction downlane for medium to heavy oil. Storm IQ Tour Edition has long helped players achieve outstanding levels of success - having one of your own would be a smart choice.

#4 Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane

Vintage bowling is back! Yet, The Purple Hammer is one of the best urethane balls ever. Traditional 'The LED' core design (a modern version of the traditional light bulb shape) with a 'Urethane Pearl' cover is ideal for light to medium oil patterns. Predictable and energy-retaining move to the pocket enticed the best bowlers in the world. The Purple Hammer is a must-have for your next tournament bag.

#5 Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue

Your bowling journey just started? One of the best sellers of all time, Brunswick TZone is an excellent option for first-time ball purchasers or picking up spares. Low hook potential will master your accuracy, and polyester coverstock will ensure ball durability. It is an excellent ball for what you pay and comes in various colors, or you can go ahead and take our recommended Caribbean Blue now!

Don't forget - bowling shoes are just as important!

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