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Best Motiv Bowling Balls

Best Motiv Bowling Balls

MOTIV Bowling, an American company specializing in the production and retail of bowling balls, bags, and other bowling supplies, stands as one of the prominent trio of bowling brands alongside Storm Bowling and Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC.

In recent years, Motiv has garnered increased interest among amateur bowlers, especially following the impressive performances of Motiv staff players on PBA Tour. Last year, EJ Tackett secured the Player of the Year award, AJ Johnson won the 2023 Storm Lucky Larsen Masters, and Finn Santtu Tahvanainen stormed into the championship round of the PBA World Championship.

Top 5 BowlingLife Motiv bowling ball picks

Don't feel like reading the full review? Check out our top 5 picks for the best Motiv bowling balls to buy in 2024.

Motiv Venom Shock - the best Motiv bowling ball

Motiv Jackal Ambush - the best Motiv bowling ball for heavy oil

Motiv Crimson Jackal - the best Motiv bowling ball for medium oil

Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl- the best Motiv bowling ball for dry lanes

Motiv Polyester Bowling Ball - the best Motiv bowling ball for spares

Looking for a new Motiv bowling ball?

Motiv Hyper Venom - the best new Motiv bowling ball release


History of Motiv Bowling

Motiv, originally known as Wilbur Products in the 1990s, at first specialized in designing high-performance bowling ball cores for various bowling ball manufacturers. However, when its major customer, Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC, decided to shift manufacturing from Michigan to Mexico, Wilbur Products seized the opportunity to initiate its own bowling ball production exclusively only in the United States. This led to the launch of the Motiv brand in 2009.

The high-performance bowling ball cores is not the only innovation in Motiv bowling balls. Thanks to Motiv's NeoMark™ graphics technology, known for preserving the ball's durability and ensuring a consistent reaction down the lane, Motiv has earned acclaim as a top-tier option for league, tournament, and professional bowlers seeking high-performance bowling equipment.

Best Bowling Balls 2024 review

Best Motiv bowling balls - detailed list

For those seeking the finest Motiv bowling balls, BowlingLife testers have curated a selection of top choices to consider in 2024, which includes the latest additions to the Motiv bowling ball lineup.

This bowling ball compilation goes beyond the ordinary roster of bowling balls. Drawing on our experience as bowlers, we offer firsthand insights, authentic perspectives, and comprehensive details about the strengths and unique attributes of each bowling ball. Our aim is to streamline the decision-making process for you, customizing it to meet your specific needs.

Remember that the list was created by assessing each tester's unique playing style, the typical lane conditions they encounter, and the individual opinions of our testers. Additionally, note that certain links provided in this article may be affiliate links.

Best new Motiv bowling ball release

(Release date: March 20th, 2024)

Motiv Hyper Venom Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • A True Powerhouse:  the most angular Motiv Venom to-date.

  • Ideal for medium-dry oil.

  • Stable Mid-Lane Assurance With a low RG/low Differential, the fast-spinning, low-flaring core ensures mid-lane stability without risking burnout from excessive flare.

In search of a benchmark pearl bowling ball? Consider the new Motiv Hyper Venom. Paired with the Gear core and the new Propulsion MXR Pearl Reactive coverstock, Motiv Hyper Venom reads the friction much stronger. The classic "hockey stick" bowling ball reaction fans will fall in love with this new bowling ball as Motiv Hyper Venom it's the most angular Venom to-date and excels on medium to dry oil patterns.

Best Motiv bowling ball overall

(Release date: March 28th, 2014)

Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • Decade-Proven Efficiency: Phaze II rival, 10-year success.

  • Easy to Control:  enhanced length and a powerful roll on the backend.

  • Versatile, House Shot Dominator: Reliable on medium-dry, crushes urethane.

If the Storm has its own Phaze II, known for its efficiency over nearly a decade, Motiv has it's Venom Shock bowling ball. Introduced in 2014, the Motiv Venom Shock showcases a Gear symmetric core paired with the Turmoil™ MFS Solid Reactive coverstock, resulting in enhanced length and a powerful roll on the backend. Motiv Venom Shock bowling ball is super reliable smooth on medium-dry oil patterns and has achieved significant success on typical house shot (THS) oil patterns, especially when other bowlers are using urethane balls. Unsurprisingly, our testers consistently opt for the Motiv Venom Shock in their tournament bags.

Best Motiv bowling ball for heavy oil

(Release date: January 11 th, 2023)

Motiv Jackal Ambush Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • Unmatched Power: Dominant in high-oil situations.

  • Innovative Core Structure: Low RG, high flare, versatile.

  • Adaptable Triumph: Suited for diverse playing styles.

Motiv Jackal Ambush is the latest addition to the well-known Jackal lineup. This powerhouse redefines ball motion and hook in oil, ensuring a smooth, controlled trajectory even in the heaviest concentrations. Boasting the revolutionary Leverage Solid Reactive coverstock (the strongest one Motiv has ever made) paired with the proven Predator V2 core, featuring low RG and high differential, the Ambush excels in heavy oil conditions, delivering dynamic core design and substantial flare. Both of our testers found success with this bowling ball, proving it to be suitable for different game styles. This bowling ball loves oil and will be your best ally when dealing with high volume.

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Best Motiv bowling ball for medium oil

(Release date: January 10th, 2024)

Motiv Crimson Jackal Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • Dynamic Precision: Unmatched agility and speed for precise lane control.

  • Clean Angular Strikes: Propulsion HV+ cover delivers a clean, angular strike path.

  • Versatile Performance: Ideal mid-lane stability on higher volume medium oil patterns.

Motiv Crimson Jackal is a bowling ball with a killer instinct, quite literally. This high-performance bowling ball creates a relentless force on the lanes that mirrors the agility and speed of a true predator. With its groundbreaking Propulsion HV+ cover technology and legendary Predator V2 core, the Motiv Crimson Jackal dominates with unmatched ability to change direction and deliver impressive pin action.

Ideal for all types of players, the Motiv Crimson Jackal defies limitations by providing mid-lane stability, sharp angles, and a clean, angular option in a single unstoppable package. Our experienced testers were particularly impressed with the Motiv Crimson Jackal's performance when bowling on higher volume medium oil patterns. It stands out as an excellent choice as a second bowling ball in your arsenal, especially when the lanes start to break out a little.

Best Motiv bowling ball for dry lanes

(Release date: February 14th, 2024)

Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • Superior Performance on Dry Lanes: Designed specifically for dry lanes and short oil patterns.

  • Predictable Ball Motion: Offers a predictable and easily manageable ball motion.

  • Proven Performance: Swiftly recognized and trusted by professionals on the PBA Tour.

Our testers recently experienced the thrilling comeback of the Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl, and the results were nothing short of impressive. The Gear V2 core (from the original Tank Rampage) with a lower RG ensures great stability in the mid-lane while the Frixion M6 MCP Pearl cover has set a new standard for urethane-like performance, making it an ideal choice for dry lanes. The Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl is well-suited for various play styles and has already proven its success in high-level PBA Tour matches.

Best Motiv bowling ball for spares

(Release date: July 5th, 2021)

Motiv Stadium Spare Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • Roll With Confidence: 1 year limited warranty.

  • Unmatched Durability: Polyester bowling balls are great for spares or as a choice for straight style bowlers.

  • Big Motiv Logo: Show to the world that you're a proud Motiv bowling ball user.

Motiv, in collaboration with the On The Ball Bowling (OTB), created a designer series of Motiv polyester spare balls. The main feature of a plastic ball is a hard, low-porous ball surface with minimal adhesion to the track, so it is almost non-rotating making it an indispensable assistant in converting spares.

Some other great Motiv bowling ball choices

(Release date: February 14th, 2024)

Motiv Evoke Bowling Ball

Key advantages:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Ability to adjust the differential through drilling.

  • Easy to Control: Smotion motion with great pin action.

  • Versatile: Perfect choice for heavy to medium oil patterns.

Beneath the surface of the new Motiv Evoke lies the innovative Overload Core, an asymmetrical powerhouse that defies convention. With the ability to adjust the differential through drilling, this core distinguishes the Motiv Evoke not only within the Motiv lineup but also across the entire bowling ball market, delivering an unprecedented level of customization. The Leverage MXC Solid Reactive cover ensures a smooth motion with exceptional pin action, and the Duramax additive enhances the cover's resistance to lane shine. If you seek a bowling ball tailored to your game, Motiv Evoke is your go-to option.

Choosing the best Motiv bowling ball for you

Selecting the right bowling ball is crucial for enhancing your performance. It revolves around discovering the ideal ball that suits your playing style and performs effectively on various lanes. Keep in mind, it's not just about buying the most curving bowling ball; it's about crafting a strategy that elevates your bowling experience, transforming each roll into a success on the lanes.

When you're buying a bowling ball, keep these things in mind:

Coverstock - the outer surface of the ball is a key factor in bowling. All coverstocks can be categorized into three primary groups: plastic, urethane, and reactive resin. Each type serves distinct purposes, enabling players to easily adjust to varying lane conditions. Dive deeper into the characteristics of these surface types by exploring our comprehensive article.

Core - it determines how a bowling ball spins as it travels down the lane. Composed of denser materials like iron or calcium oxides, the core represents the heaviest section of a bowling ball. Cores can take on symmetrical or asymmetrical shapes. For a deeper exploration of these core differences and a better grasp of how they impact the motion of a bowling ball, refer to our specialized article on the topic.

Radius of Gyration (RG) - functions as an indicator of how mass is spread within a bowling ball. The higher RG, the more back-end motion a bowling ball will produce, as high RG ball skids more and tends to conserve more power for the further part of the lane. While it might sound a bit like rocket science, we suggest exploring our article on the impact of RG on your game for a more comprehensive understanding.

Differential (Diff) - it comes in two types: total and intermediate. The total differential is the gap between low RG (X axis) and high RG (Y axis). As for the intermediate differential, it is exclusive to asymmetrical balls and represents the difference between high RG (Y axis) and intermediate RG (Z axis). Increased differentials result in a more powerful hook potential, injecting additional flare into your shots.


Where are Motiv bowling balls made?

Motiv bowling balls are proudly made in the United States. The company's manufacturing facility is located in Muskegon, Michigan, where they maintain high-quality standards and craftsmanship in producing their range of bowling balls.

Is Motiv part of Brunswick?

MOTIV Bowling, an American company specializing in the production and retail of bowling balls, stands as one of the prominent trio of bowling brands alongside Storm Bowling and Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC. When its major customer, Brunswick Bowling Products, LLC, decided to shift manufacturing from Michigan to Mexico, Wilbur Products seized the opportunity to initiate its own bowling ball production in the United States. This led to the launch of the Motiv brand in 2009.

What is the best Motiv bowling ball?

Determining the "best" Motiv bowling ball can vary based on individual preferences, playing style, lane conditions, and personal skill level. Motiv offers a diverse range of high-quality bowling balls designed for different situations. According to our bowling ball testers, the best Motiv bowling balls include the Motiv Venom Shock, Motiv Jackal Ambush, and Motiv Tank Rampage Pearl.