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Finding the Best Bowling Ball For Spares

Best bowling ball for hook

Bowling is a game of precision and strategy, where even the smallest details can make a big difference in your score. When it comes to mastering spares, having the right spare shooting system and spare ball is crucial. In this guide, we'll delve into the pros and cons of plastic and urethane spare balls, and provide our recommendations to help you find the best bowling ball for spares.

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Sorm Mix spare bowling ball



Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball spare bowling ball


The choice between plastic and urethane spare ball depends on individual preferences and playing style.

Both plastic and urethane bowling balls are suitable for spare shooting. Event the bowling balls with reactive coverstock are good for straight spares if you learn to flatten your hand out effectively when picking up spares. Choosing the best bowling ball for spares is a personal decision that requires careful consideration of factors like playing style, lane conditions you usually bowl on, and, of course, budget.

The Debate: Plastic vs. Urethane Spare Ball

Plastic and urethane spare balls each have their merits. Plastic spare balls have long been a staple in bowlers' bowling bags for their reliability and affordability. These balls offer a straight trajectory, making them ideal for picking up single-pin spares with consistency.

On the other hand, urethane spare balls are valued for their durability and versatility. With a mix of urethane and polyester, they provide more overall hook and can be used on a dry lanes as your hooking bowling ball. However, a drawback arises if you struggle to flatten your hand when releasing the bowling ball, as it will hook a little when meeting friction, so it can be harder to make corner pins.

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Best Urethane Bowling Balls for Spares


Storm Mix spare bowling ball

The Mix series is a fantastic option for beginners trying out bowling, straight-style bowlers, or any player in need of a spare shooting choice. It is not just a spare ball but also an excellent choice for extremely dry conditions. With its traditional 3-piece core, the Mix offers enhanced predictability, while its urethane coverstock guarantees unmatched durability and a better reaction on dry lanes than a plastic bowling ball. Available in various colors, it accommodates every bowler.

Roto Grip Retro RG spare bowling ball

The Roto Grip Retro RG Spare bowling ball is a fantastic option for beginners exploring bowling, straight-style bowlers, or any player in need of a spare shooting choice. A 3-Piece symmetric core paired with the High-Impact Pearl Urethane coverstock, finished at 3500-Grit polish, will help you pick up your spares with immense accuracy.

Pyramid Pathogen Plague spare bowling ball

The Pyramid Pathogen Plague, armed with the GPS Navigational Urethane coverstock and powered by the cutting-edge New Era 139 core with medium RG and differential numbers, ensures optimal performance and controlled movement, even in the driest of environments. It is also good option for a spare ball in your bowling ball arsenal.

Best Storm Bowling Balls review

Best Plastic Bowling Balls for Spares

Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball spare bowling ball

Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball is a fantastic option not only for any player in need of a plastic spare shooting choice, but also for beginners trying out bowling, or straight-style bowlers. the Black Widow Viz-A-Ball features the renowned Gas Mask core to become an option for extreme dry lane conditions as well. In addition, it looks amazing!

Brunswick Tzone spare bowling ball

The Brunswick Tzone is a fantastic option for beginners exploring bowling, straight-style bowlers, or any player in need of a spare shooting choice. Available in various colors, it accommodates every bowler at a fair price. Our testers fell in love with the Gold Envy model, but you can choose from a variety of design options.

Motiv Stadium spare bowling ball

Motiv, in collaboration with the On The Ball Bowling (OTB), created a designer series of Motiv polyester spare balls. The main feature of a plastic ball is a hard, low-porous ball surface with minimal adhesion to the track, so it is almost non-rotating making it an indispensable assistant in converting spares.


Finally, once you find a bowling ball for spares, it is time to train as hard as you can to master your spare shooting. Check out some spare shooting tips from BowlingLife.

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