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The much-loved COOLMAXX fabric is back for bowling apparel

VIS SportWear COOLMAXX technology bowling t-shirt

If you enjoy bowling for hours, just as we do, you will agree that when it comes to clothing, there is no worse feeling than bowling in damp, sticky and stinky attire.

Throughout our years as bowlers, we have experimented with numerous bowling apparel manufacturers and fabrics, so we completely understand the struggle of finding the perfect bowling jersey that provides both unrestricted body movement and breathability, even in the most challenging conditions.

Finally, we think we found the one. BowlingLife staff have tried jerseys from VIS SportWear with the much-loved COOLMAXX fabric, and we can approve - COOLMAXX fabric technology stands out as a true game-changer.

Throughout our testing, our team focused on three essential elements that, in our view, contribute to an ideal bowling jersey - breathability and sweat control, elasticity and the overall feel of fabric and aesthetics.

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Exceptional breathability and sweat control

As you know, long-lasting tournaments can really get your heart racing, and that means a lot of perspiration. Not to mention bowling centers without air conditioning. But fear not! COOLMAXX fabric has your back (literally).

COOLMAXX fabric is specially

designed to wick sweat away from your body like a pro bowler picking up an easy spare. After two hours of intensive training in a poorly ventilated alley, our testers stayed cool and dry, being able to focus solely on their performance, without any uncomfortable moments or distractions from damp, sticky clothing.

The breathability was exceptional as well. You probably know that suffocating feeling that can come with other fabrics, making it feel as though you're wearing a grocery bag rather than a high-quality material. Well, say goodbye to that - COOLMAXX fabric boasts unparalleled breathability, allowing

you to feel fresh and comfortable, frame after frame. It's like having a personal air conditioner right in your jersey!

Unmatched Elasticity

If you've ever felt restricted by your bowling apparel, you'll appreciate COOLMAXX's unmatched elasticity.

The COOLMAXX jersey is super elastic, allowing to experience the best freedom of movement. It fits the body fine, but leaves the room for body movements at the same time. No more feeling like your clothing is holding you back. With COOLMAXX, you'll feel like you're gliding down the lane with ease, delivering those strikes effortlessly.

Overall feel and aesthetics

We know that even the tiniest distractions can make a big difference in your game. Including apparel imperfections. VIS SportWear always appears to be one step ahead when it comes to paying attention to the details.

One of the best examples of this is their zipper cam lock technology. If, like us, you are sick and tired of fumbling zipper, which constantly needs to be adjusted during a game, you will instantly fall in love with this technology, as it ensures that your jersey's zipper remains securely in place throughout the game.

The design of the jersey truly stands out on the COOLMAXX fabric. It is a crucial factor, especially when considering the finer aspects such as the crispness of logos, the vibrancy of pictures, and the tiniest elements within the design – these elements are all brought to their best potential on COOLMAXX fabric.

Our testers discovered another remarkable feature in VIS SportWear's apparel featuring COOLMAXX fabric technology - it dries off incredibly quickly. It is as if you can put on your jersey moments after it's been removed from the washing machine. This feature is exceptionally beneficial, when you have to bowl several days in a row.

In summary, COOLMAXX technology is a must-have for any bowler looking to combine comfort and performance. Don't let discomfort hinder your success on the lanes. Elevate your game with COOLMAXX and experience bowling apparel like never before.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to VIS SportWear and gear up with COOLMAXX today. Your comfort on the lanes will thank you!

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