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New Year's resolutions for better bowling in the upcoming year

New Year's resolutions for better bowling

With the year almost over, many people are gearing up for their New Year's resolutions. Although many classic New Year's resolutions are related to getting rid of bad habits or purchasing a new gym subscription, this year, we are helping you to come up with something that will improve your bowling game.

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, the key is to choose one or maybe two resolutions and stick with them. That is why we will suggest only a few. Nevertheless, these often overlooked suggestions of New Year's resolutions are the key to improving your bowling game.

#1 I will pay attention to spares at practice sessions

Bowling for a score at practice is a sign of insufficient practicing. In competitive bowling, making your spares will determine your average and overall performance as well. For any player to be competitive, one-pin spare conversions must be made at a high percentage. That is why you must pay attention to them during practice in the upcoming year. Find the best spare strategy regardless of which bowling alley you play at.

#2 I will maintain my gear appropriately

A bowling ball's surface has pores (basically a heavy round sponge), where all the oil of the lanes gets absorbed. Not wiping it out can reduce the productivity and longevity of your expensive bowling balls. So many good bowlers we see on the lanes make one crucial mistake. After the practice, they pack their balls and leave, forgetting to take care of their bowling balls. That is a waste of expensive bowling gear, and it is time to make a resolution to stop this bad habit. Promise yourself that next year, you will spray your cleaner to scour the bowling ball's surface of all the oil and debris every time you finish bowling. And remember to maintain your bowling balls with deep clean once in a while. We've prepared a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that at home.

#3 I will pay more attention to my psychological preparation

Understanding what you are doing before and during the competition is very important because only then will you be able to correct bad habits. Still, the psychological aspect of this sport is often forgotten. We rush to purchase new bowling balls to improve our unstable game instead. When it comes to psychological things, it is essential to be open and honest with yourself because no one knows you better than yourself. And it takes time. It is important to develop yourself physically and emotionally to reach the heights you have dreamed of. After all, the most significant victories consist of minor things. Try to create some pre-game and pre-shot routines in the upcoming year. Find new ways to improve your game under stress and in decisive moments.

#4 I will sleep better

Even though scientists proved a positive relationship between good sleep and optimal performance a long time ago, many athletes suffer from sleep deprivation. As most games happen in the mornings, quality sleep in bowling is even more critical than in other sports. Unfortunately, many bowlers oversee this component of an athlete's daily routine. While having the longest night in the year, promise that you will create good sleeping habits that will directly impact your better bowling game in the upcoming year.

#5 I will have a training session with a coach

Although many bowlers seek valuable info in various online forums, an hour practice session with a decent coach can significantly change your game. There is no better way to see yourself clearly than having another person standing behind you, monitoring your approach, swing, and release. There is no denying - having a coach is the shortest and easiest way to improve. As New Year's resolution, promise yourself to book an appointment with one of your local bowling coaches.

It is just a few examples of New Year's resolutions. You can make some of your own. Just keep in mind - instead of aiming for a single, large goal, e.g., winning a Major tournament (unless you are Jason Belmonte, then you should seek this resolution), think about one or two smaller ones that will get you where you ultimately want to go. It is easier to stick to it. Otherwise, you will once again forget all about it by February.