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Liav Yehene Triumphs at Israel Singles Bowling Championships

Liav Yehene at Israel Singles Championship
Picture Credit: Israel Singles Championship organizers

Last week saw the thrilling conclusion of the Israel Singles Bowling Championships, where Liav Yehene emerged victorious in Men's category.

The tournament began with 12 preliminary games, split into two six-game blocks. 13 top performers advanced to the next round, based on their total pinfall.

In the first round, Liav Yehene scored 1409 over six games, averaging 234.8. The second round saw him achieve 1343, averaging 223.8. These two strong performances secured his place among the top 13.

The next stage required four games from each player. Liav scored 773, averaging 193.3, which allowed him to progress to the semi-finals, where the top eight players competed in a round-robin format.

During the round-robin stage, Liav's record was 5-2. He finished the round-robin with a total of 1510 over seven games, averaging 215.7, which positioned him at the top of the leaderboard. This achievement granted him a 1-0 advantage going into the finals, a best-of-five series.

In the finals, Liav's momentum continued. He won the first game 227-194 against Omer Nechushtan, extending his lead to 2-0. Securing the championship, he triumphed in the second game 203-180, claiming the Israel Singles Championship title. Or Aviram ended in third position.

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