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Kaaron Salomaa Triumphs at Joramark Bowling Open 2024

Kaaron Salomaa wins Joramark Bowling Open 2024 in Finland
Picture Credit: Kaaron Salomaa Instagram

Kaaron Salomaa claimed victory at the Joramark Bowling Open 2024, held at the Keilakukko Kuopio lanes in Finland. Salomaa demonstrated his skills throughout the tournament, ultimately taking home the title and a €2000 prize.

Kaaron Salomaa previously finished ninth in the 2nd No Urethane Open at the beginning of May.

Salomaa's journey to the top began with a top 5 finish in the qualification round, where he scored a total of 1380 points, averaging 230 across six games. This impressive score secured him a fifth-place finish, allowing him to advance to the final stage among the 21 best performers.

In the final stage, all competitors started from scratch, and Salomaa demonstrated his A-game by achieving a remarkable total of 1477 points, with an average above 246 over six games. This outstanding performance earned him a leading spot among the top 12 players who progressed to the Joramark Bowling Open 2024 finals.

During the finals, Salomaa maintained his dominance with scores of 213, 213, 268, and 238, culminating in a total of 2409 points. This secured his first-place finish and the championship title.

54th Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2024 winner Jesse Kallio finished in second place with a total of 2248 points, followed by Joonas Jehkinen in third with 2217 points, and Luukas Väänänen in fourth with 2210 points.

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