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LaneTalk strikes again with innovative manual scorekeeping feature for bowling

LaneTalk new manual scorekeeping feature for bowling

LaneTalk, the pioneering force behind bowling analytics, has once again rolled out a game-changer that's set to please every bowling player.

Say hello to LaneTalk's Manual Scorekeeping feature - the answer to every bowler's wish to bring bowling stats to your fingertips like never before!

Imagine having the power to keep your bowling scores, regardless of the alley you're playing in. LaneTalk's Manual Scorekeeping feature makes this dream a reality. Now, you can effortlessly record your scores in any bowling center, all within a single app. No more relying on disconnected data or jotting down scores on crumpled pieces of paper - it's all there in the palm of your hand.

LaneTalk doesn't just stop at keeping track of your scores. With this revolutionary feature, you can expect a host of benefits that will elevate your bowling game to new heights:

1. The Perfect Match: manual and automatic scores in one app

Seamlessly integrate manual scores with the automatically submitted scores from LaneTalk-connected centers. Keep your entire bowling history in one convenient location.

2. Digital scorecards for every game

Bid farewell to the old paper scorecards. LaneTalk now provides sleek digital scorecards for all your games, making scorekeeping a breeze.

3. In-depth analytics for the ultimate game optimization

Dive deep into the statistics of your gameplay. Analyze your performance frame by frame, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune your strategy.

4. Friendly competition: compare with fellow bowlers and pros

See how you stack up against your friends and professional bowlers. LaneTalk's platform enables you to track your progress and benchmark your skills.

5. Free stats: unleash your full potential

As a LaneTalk app user, you can now enjoy free statistics for your last 6 games, whether they're recorded manually or automatically. The insights gained are invaluable in refining your bowling techniques. If you want more, you can always upgrade your subscription to PRO for limitless game analysis.

6. Pro-level insights for PRO Subscribers

For the true bowling fans, the PRO subscription offers the ability to add custom tags, filter games for comparison, and gain in-depth insights. Additionally, you can assess key performance data and compare the bowling balls you've used in your games.

How to Start Tracking Your Scores

LaneTalk has upgraded its app to provide a seamless scorekeeping experience. To begin your journey towards becoming a scorekeeping pro:

  1. Download or open the LaneTalk app (Android or IOS).

  2. Tap the 'PLAY' menu.

  3. Select the 'ADD GAMES' button.

  4. Choose between Automatic Score Capturing (if your center is connected to LaneTalk) or Manual Scorekeeping.

Difference between Automatic and Manual scorekeeping

LaneTalk new manual scorekeeping feature for bowling

Automatic Score Capturing: If your bowling center is a part of the LaneTalk network, you can import your scores after completing your games. Simply select your center, input your player name used on the lane, and choose the scores to import.

LaneTalk new manual scorekeeping feature for bowling

Manual Scorekeeping: For centers not yet connected to LaneTalk, you can still enjoy the benefits of Manual Scorekeeping. After tapping the ADD GAMES button, select the MANUAL SCOREKEEPING, and record your scores frame by frame.

Best of all, both automatic and manual scorekeeping features are entirely free to use. Your scores will be securely saved to your profile, allowing you to access digital scorecards and share your achievements with friends.

LaneTalk now can be applied in every bowling center worldwide. Manual Scorekeeping feature is free to use and is designed to enhance your experience and take your game to the next level. Give it a try!

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