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European Bowlers Shine in 2024 USBC Queens

2024 USBC Queens

European bowlers are making their mark at the 2024 USBC Queens tournament in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The 2024 United States Bowling Congress Queens tournament at The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley has narrowed down to 32 contenders, with European players making a significant impact.

England’s Verity Crawley and Sweden’s Nora Johansson are among the standouts.

Crawley, undefeated on the left side of the winner's bracket, showcased her elite skills from the start. She defeated No. 48 seed Maryssa Carey on fresh oil, 704-520, and Lauren Russo on burn by a mere 4 pins, 637-633.

Meanwhile, Johansson remains unscathed on the right side, demonstrating the strength of Swedish talent in the competition. The 21-year-old defeated No. 30 seed Jessica Earnest 652-616 on fresh oil and her compatriot, No. 62 seed Sandra de Neergaard, 690-544 on burn.

In the winners' bracket step 3, Crawley will face the qualification leader, No. 1 seed Shannon Pluhowsky, while Johansson will compete against No. 19 seed Felicia Wong.

In the elimination bracket, Latvia’s Diana Zavjalova continues to fight for the title, adding to the European presence in the tournament. Zavjalova finished 4th in the qualification but lost her first match to Mei Lan Cheah, 629-649. In the elimination bracket, Latvia's bowling star defeated No. 29 seed Liz Johnson, 680-579 on fresh oil, and Cherie Tan, 646-575 on burn oil, to face No. 42 seed Brittany Smith later today.

Germany's Laura Beuthner defeated No. 64 seed Bailey Delrose, 647-588 on fresh, and Samantha Knight, 645-607 on burn, to meet No. 22 seed Karsyn Lukosius.

Swede Sandra de Neergaard, who lost to Nora Johansson in the winner's bracket match 2, won against Maryssa Carey 599-536 in the elimination bracket to keep her tiara hopes alive. She will face No. 38 seed Iliana Lomeli on fresh oil later in the day.

The winners’ bracket will determine the top two seeds for the televised finals, while the elimination bracket will decide seeds three through five.

The stepladder finals, airing Tuesday on CBS Sports Network, promise an exciting conclusion, with the champion earning a major PWBA Tour title and a $60,000 prize.

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