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Bowling Pro-Motion Tour thrills fans in France: emerging top 3 performers & Team World's dominance

The Bowling Pro-Motion Tour 2023, a bowling tournament that takes players and spectators on a thrilling journey to four incredible bowling centers located in different cities of France is gaining momentum.

After the second round series, Gregory Rius, hailing from France, established himself as the front-runner in the BPT QubicaAMF Masters.

After an exhilarating 12 games of qualifying across Bayeux and Rennes, Rius demonstrated his prowess by rolling an impressive 1344 in Bayeux and 1392 in Rennes, totaling a remarkable 2736 pins with an average of 228.

Hot on Rius's heels is Martin Larsen from Sweden (2718 total, 226.50 avg.), who's giving it his all to clinch the top spot with six games remaining.

Halvar Hagen Nilsen from Norway is not too distant from Larsen, boasting a total of 2703 points so far.

Full standings afer 12 games of qualifying can be found here.

Top 16 of the Masters Series at the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour
Top 16 of the Masters Series at the Bowling Pro-Motion Tour

Following the Saint-Lo stage of the Teams Strike Tour Series, Team World's, comprising Jack Blyth, Jaime Gonzalez, Halvar Hagen Nilsen, and Keny Billaut, has taken the top position.

During the team stages, the baker system format will be employed, while the remaining days will see traditional competition, featuring a demanding six-game block at each of the designated centers: Bowling 868 Bayeux, Rennes Alma Bowling, Angers, and Fontaine le Comte Sphere Bowling.

Six additional Masters series games scheduled for Sunday, September 24th. Following the rigorous 18-game qualifying round, the top-performing bowlers will compete for the coveted Masters title.

Bowling Pro-Motion Tour 2023 Schedule
Bowling Pro-Motion Tour 2023 Schedule

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