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Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 3 | Tournament is heating up!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Balkan Challenge

Day 3 has already passed and it once again proved that Balkan Challenge this year provides us with some exciting bowling!

After a third day of the tournament, 50 bowlers have already taken on a challenge in Group A with 19 athletes in Group B.

Being a leader in Group A for two first days in a tournament Mariana Meteksinova (Bulgaria) has now met some serious competition and was pushed to a fourth spot. At the moment a leader of Group A is Dian Dinev (Bulgaria) with an amazing total of 1102 points (220.4 avg.), second place is take by Darin Tryanov (Bulgaria) with 219.6 total (219.6 avg.) and third place is occupied by Alexander Zahariev (Bulgaria) with a total of 1073 (214.6 avg.). Scores are separated by very small differences, we have an exciting battle on our hands!

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 | Day 3 - Group A

There are some changes in Group B as well. While Mirela Tibuleac (Romania) keeps the lead after day 3 together with Tsvetelina Dimitrova (Bulgaria) in a second place, Ivo Klark (Bulgaria) managed to climb up to a third place with a total of 918 (183.6 avg.) and Lidija Zaletel (Slovenia) took fourth with 917 total (183.4).

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 | Day 3 - Group B

Exciting battle is happening in Doubles as well, as Alexander Zahariev and Stoyan Arsov took the lead with their impressive total of 2104 (210.4 avg.) pushing Darin Trayanov (Bulgaria) and Todor Lichev (Bulgaria) to a second place. Third place is currently taken by Diana Enculecu together with Craciun Octavian Anton - 1988 total (194.8 avg.).

You can check full tournament results here.

There are still some vacant spots left in the squads. Grab one of yours now!

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