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Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 2 | Meteksinova kept the lead

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 Day 2

After a second day of the Balkan Challenge Open 15 new athletes joined the competition, while most of other participants on this day played their second or third re-entry, fighting for better results.

Even though the scores are getting higher and a tournament is starting to heat up, Mariana Todorova Meteksinova (Bulgaria) keeps the lead of Group A after a second day with a total of 1072 (214.4 avg.). Second place currently belongs to Stoyan Arsov (Bulgaria) with 1063 total (212.6 avg.) and Todor Lichev (Bulgaria) is in third with 1047 total (209.4 avg.).

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 | Day 2 - Group A

New players joined Group B and at the moment it consists of 16 athletes. After day 2 we have a new leader in this group - Mirela Tibuleac (Romania) took the lead with 1018 total (203.6 avg.) pushing Tsvetelina Dimitrova (Bulgaria) to a second place with her total of 997 (199.4 avg.) and Tasos Pantelidis (Greece) to a third with 913 total (182.6 avg.).

Balkan Challenge Open 2023 | Day 2 - Group B

Things are getting intense in Doubles too, as Darin Trayanov (Bulgaria) and Todor Lichev (Bulgaria) with a total of 2037 (203.7 avg.) moving to a first place, Tsvetelina Dimitrova (Bulgaria) and Tasos Pantelidis (Greece) taking second with 1910 points (187.0 avg.) and Georgi Bozhilov (Bulgaria) together with Georgi Deliyski (Bulgaria) moving to third with 1909 total (190.9 avg.).

We are excited to see what changes Day 3 brings to this action packed tournament! Don't miss out on live action with Bowlzone livestream!

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