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5 most asked bowling questions on the internet

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Most asked bowling questions

Bowling can be a tricky business. Even after long years of bowling, players have various questions about this sport. 'BowlingLife' dug into the depths of the Internet to find out what people search for and wants to find out about bowling the most.

#1 Are bowling lanes flat?

Are bowling lanes flat?

It depends on what is considered flat. Rules of bowling state that every meter of a bowling lane can't be tilted crosswise or lengthwise more than 1 centimeter. Measures are taken when assembling the bowling lane. As some tilt is allowed, every bowling lane is slightly different than another. The 'flatness' of a bowling lane depends on its usage. The more bowling lane is used, the more weaving, slopes, and dips occur. Usually, bowling lanes are checked for imperfections every year. Still, only some bowling alley owners want to spend money and get this done.

#2 Can bowling cause back pain?

Can bowling cause back pain?

Although bowling is considered a low-impact sport, as with any other activity, bowling can cause injuries. One of the main injuries is back pain. In bowling, the load is mainly on one side of the body. Muscle imbalances and repeating movements involved may cause back pain. It can happen because of a lack of stretching, improper technique, wrong footwear/ball pick, or muscle overdoing. There is always a risk of injury in sports, but it can be prevented.

#3 When was bowling invented?

When was bowling invented?

Bowling can really brag about its rich history. In 1930's, British anthropologist sir Flinders Petrie discovered some toy objects in Egypt that appeared to be miniature bowling balls and pins dated back to 3200 BC. We know for sure that in 14th century a form of bowling was so widespread that king Edward III banned it in England to keep archers in practice. The sport of bowling, as we know it today, was established in 1985 alongside with the American Bowling Congress.

#4 Why bowling is not in the Olympics?

Bowling Olympics

After featuring in the demonstration programme in 1988, the bowling community still waits for its chance to participate in Summer Olympics. In 2019, the French organizing committee decided not to put bowling forward for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics. International Olympic Committee and advertisers crave a younger audience. To meet Olympic standards, bowling authorities must seek for the sport's young talents and everyday bowlers to create more engagement on social media and promote the sport in their daily life.

#5 Can bowling balls be recycled?

Bowling ball recycle

Unlike plastic bottles, recycling a bowling ball is very difficult. Plastics covering current bowling balls are mixed with various other substances, pigments, and even odorants. Moreover, bowling balls are mainly made of thermosetting plastics. Unfortunately, bowling balls are unsorted and non-recyclable, given these two properties. On the other hand, bowling balls are suitable for secondary use. For example, they can be given to beginners or used as unique indoor or outdoor decor. You can read about bowling ball recycling in our other article.

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