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Tomas Käyhkö and Colleen Pee Shines at the 54th Singapore International Open

Tomas Käyhkö at the 54th Singapore International Open
Picture source: Singapore Bowling

The 54th Singapore International Open, held from May 25 to June 8, was a thrilling event, and the star of the show was Finland's Tomas Käyhkö. His incredible performance in the men's division finals earned him the championship title and a $25,000 prize.

In the qualifiers, Tomas Käyhkö finished 12th in the International Pool, allowing him to move on to the next step. In Men's Open Masters Round 1, Käyhkö scored 1660 across 8 games (207.5 average) to finish in 13th position among 36 bowlers. With only 16 bowlers remaining, Käyhkö pulled out his "A" game, scoring a total pinfall of 1861 across 8 games (232.6 average) to clinch the No. 1 seed in the stepladder finals.

In the title match, Tomas Käyhkö delivered a commanding 248-180 victory over No. 3 seed Aiman Raedyn Lim Jen. Before facing Käyhkö, Aiman had impressive wins against No. 4 seed Jomond Chia, with a score of 225-207, and Malaysian bowler No. 2 seed Rafiq Ismail, with a score of 229-167.

The 54th Singapore International Open also featured amazing moments in the women's division. Colleen Pee had an outstanding run, winning her first Singapore International Open title by defeating the 2019 champion, Bernice Lim, in the title match with final scores of 222-201 and 172-159.

Colleen Pee won her quarter-final match 204-189 against Malaysian Siti Safiyah before defeating Malaysian Nora Lyana Nastasia 252-182 in the semi-finals. For her first-place finish, Colleen Pee earned a $15,000 prize.

Full 54th Singapore International Open results can be found here.

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