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Storm Ion Pro | In-Depth Review

Hammer Black Widow 3.0 Bowling Ball review

In June 2024, Storm introduced the Ion Pro, featuring the TX-16 hybrid coverstock and the new Element Tour AI core. The Storm Ion Pro promises to be one of the best options for benchmark bowling balls in 2024.

Storm Ion Pro bowling ball review

The Storm Ion Pro bowling ball is Storm Bowling's first asymmetric benchmark ball, setting a new reliability standard. Engineered for versatile performance across various lane conditions, this ball is designed to allow bowlers to adjust their game without switching to a different ball when transition happens.

In this Storm Ion Pro review, we will explore its strengths and weaknesses to assess whether it has the potential to stand out as one of the best bowling balls in 2024.

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Short Storm Ion Pro Review

Don't want to read a full review? Here is a short summary!

Storm Ion Pro bowling ball review

The Storm Ion Pro combines the TX-16 Hybrid coverstock and Element Tour AI core, providing a strong mid-lane read and dynamic backend reaction. It is a benchmark ball suitable for medium-heavy oil conditions. Our testers found it excelled on medium oil, providing a controlled motion towards the pocket without surface adjustments. On heavy oil, slight grit adjustments improved consistency, while on short oil.. well, let's say there are better options for short patterns. The ball impressed both speed-dominant and rev-dominant players, offering adaptability and strong pin carry. Overall, the Storm Ion Pro is a versatile, reliable addition to any arsenal, delivering consistent performance across various lane conditions.

Key Specifications

Storm Ion Pro Specifications

Coverstock Type: Reactive Hybrid

Coverstock Name: TX-16

Core Type: Asymmetrical

Core Name: Element Tour A.I.

Box Finnish: 4000 Abralon

Best For: Medium-Heavy oil

RG: 2.47

Total Diff: 0.035

Intermediate Diff: 0.014


Asymmetrical core - Asymmetric bowling ball deliver sharper, more angular motion when meeting friction.

Symmetrical core - Symmetric bowling balls produce a soft, controllable motion.

Radius of gyration (RG) - The higher RG, the more back-end motion a bowling ball will produce, as high RG ball skids more and tends to conserve more power for the further part of the lane.

Total Diff - the difference between low RG (X axis) and high RG (Y axis).

Intermediate Diff - only found in asymmetrical balls, as it is the difference between the high RG (Y axis) and intermediate RG (Z axis).

First impression

Examining the tech spec sheet, the Storm Ion Pro stands out as a unique addition to Storm's lineup. It features the TX-16 hybrid coverstock, previously seen in solid and pearl versions on other balls like Storm Phaze II, while the new Element Tour AI core promises a low RG and low differential, ensuring a quick rev-up and strong mid-lane traction. Compared to its predecessors like the Storm Phaze II and Storm IQ Tour, the Ion Pro promises a stronger mid-lane read and a more pronounced backend reaction. This combination is expected to enhance performance across various lane conditions.

Storm Ion Pro bowling ball review


Lane Performance

We provided the Storm Ion Pro to two testers—a speed-dominant one-hander and a rev-dominant two-hander. The objective was to showcase the ball's strengths across different lane conditions. We conducted tests on heavy, medium, and dry sport oil patterns, as well as a typical house shot pattern (THS).

A speed-dominant one-hander particularly enjoyed the Storm Ion Pro on a fresh medium oil pattern. Compared to the Phaze II, the Ion Pro showed a stronger move at the breakpoint without requiring cover adjustments to achieve continuouse performance finding pocket. The ball provided a controlled and consistent motion towards the pocket, making it an excellent benchmark ball for medium oil conditions.

On heavy oil, our tester added more grit to the surface (2000 Abralon). This tweak enabled a straighter approach with enhanced mid-lane read, ensuring a consistent ball reaction down the lane. Even with more aggressive grit, the Ion Pro maintained a strong backend motion, entering the pins with the right angle and creating good pin carry.

Although, the Ion Pro did not performed well on short oil patterns, but hey, it is not suited for that! If yo are looking for a bowling ball suited best for short oil patterns, we recommend to look into the IQ Tour 78/U with urethane coverstock.

Overall impression

The Storm Ion Pro redefines the benchmark ball category with its TX-16 Hybrid coverstock and Element Tour A.I. core, offering exceptional versatility across different oil patterns. It excels on medium oil with a controlled motion to the pocket and a dynamic backend reaction. On heavy oil, adjusting surface grit enhances its mid-lane read while maintaining strong backend motion and pin carry.

The Ion Pro's ability to adapt without sacrificing performance makes it an invaluable choice for bowlers seeking consistency and adaptability in their game, setting a new standard in bowling ball reliability and performance.

Storm Ion Pro Evaluation

Storm Ion Pro bowling ball review

The Storm Ion Pro is a versatile and reliable bowling ball that caters to various bowling styles. Our testers found it particularly beneficial for scenarios requiring a robust asymmetric benchmark ball. It widens angles without compromising the entry angle to the pocket, making it one of the best bowling balls to invest in for medium to heavy oil setups. The Storm Ion Pro is a game-changer, providing consistent performance across different lane conditions and proving itself as a new standard in benchmark balls.

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