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Storm Fair 2024 Took Place in Japan

High Sports (HI-SP) and Storm Fair 2024
Picture source: High Sports (HI-SP) and Storm Fair 2024

The eagerly awaited High Sports (HI-SP) and Storm Fair 2024 electrified the bowling community on June 8-9, 2024, in Kawasaki and Kyoto, Japan. This two-day bowling fair offered a perfect blend of pro-ams and challenge matches, professional lessons, exclusive sales, and new product trials, making it an unforgettable weekend for bowling players across Japan.

On Saturday, June 8, Storm Fair 2024 featured specialized PBA lessons designed to enhance practical bowling skills for players. Participants benefited from the expertise of renowned PBA players such as Martin Larsen and Francois Lavoie, Storm technical staff including Chad McLean and Matt McNeill, and JPBA professional bowlers like Akio Ishihara and Shota Kawazoe. Each lesson participant received the latest Storm ball as a participation prize.

Moreover, on June 8, each venue center hosted a PBA Pro Challenge Match, showcasing top-tier bowling talent and providing an exciting spectacle for all attendees.

On Sunday, June 9, the festival hosted amateur tournaments. Hosted by HI-SP, the tournaments invited participants to compete alongside Storm staff, PBA players, and JPBA professional bowlers on select lanes. All participants were guaranteed prizes, with luxurious awards awaiting the top performers. The tournaments were held at both the Kawasaki and Kyoto venues, ensuring widespread engagement.

Throughout June 8-9, attendees took advantage of the HI-SP Sales Event, offering Storm original bags and essential bowling gear at discounted prices. Limited edition items were also available, making it a perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to upgrade their equipment.

Additionally, the festival introduced the latest Storm balls for June with a new product launch and trial event.

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